Facial Mask for Every Skin Type

Like every human being, I had to go through the horrible years of middle school and high school. Those years were hard enough to go through with puberty, friend drama, boy/girl drama, and school. But, I was lucky enough to also have the added problem of acne to add onto my list of teenage torment. When it first hit I had no idea how to handle it and went through countless different routines. Eventually, I went to the dermatologist and they set me up with a routine to follow and calm down my skin. Part of this routine involved using facemask on the regular. I started with store bought masks, but with the rise of organic and whole foods fad I turned to DIY. The weird household objects that I have placed on my face is a bit concerning, but anything for beautiful glowing skin, right?


For those of you who have oily skin, I feel your pain. This is the skin I am plagued to live my life with and I have come to accept that I will forever walk around with a shiny face no matter what I do. But, I found by using a mask I can at least when that shine decides to pop up.

Personally, I love DIY masks and my go to for my skin type is a nice oatmeal mask. The recipe I use specifically has oatmeal, green tea, and honey. The recipe I follow calls for tea tree oil, which I do not personally put in. However, it has great effects for oily skin and if I had it in my house I definitely would add it! A recipe can be found here.

If you are not a DIY fan yourself, then I would definitely recommend buying either a charcoal face mask or clay mask from your favorite brand. Clay and charcoal are known to naturally soak up oils hidden deep within your pores.


Personally, I do not normally struggle with dry skin. However, I’m a California native who has never gone through winter before and boy did it affect my skin. Sure, I had read articles before about the best lotions for keeping skin pretty during the winter months, but no amount of articles could have prepared me. My skin was flaking for the first time in my life. I had no idea how to deal with dry skin, I used to wish that I could have it, but I found that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Here’s a recipe with some extra DIY facial mask for dry skin.

To help counteract my dry winter skin I tried an avocado and yogurt mask. Avocado has loads of nutrients that can help nourish your skin and give it back that nice glow! The yogurt creates a great consistency and can also pump your skin with nutrients. It may sound like an odd mixture, but it helped get rid of my flaking forehead.

Again, I understand we do not all have the time or desire to make our own facial mask. One brand that I really enjoy is Burt’s Bees because their products are transparent on what ingredients they contain so I never have to guess if I’ll have a bad reaction or not. They have a wonderful mask labeled Intense Hydration Treatment mask with Clary Sage. Clary Sage thrives in a very harsh dry environment, so it is made for soaking up as most moisture as possible and trapping it for itself or in this case for your skin. There products can be found in drug stores or on their site.


I have never dealt with sensitive skin in my life, however I do try to air on the side of cautionary with putting anything on my face. It is better for all skin types to use less chemicals and more natural ingredients to not over work the skin. For those with sensitive skin I think that the more simple the mask the better. What I recommend is just using Aloe Vera as a mask. I have done this before because Aloe has great moisturizing tendencies and can even help with sunburns and irritations in the skin in general. All you have to do is break off a “leaf” of the plant and peel the hard exterior skin off and your left with the gel inside!

A great store bought brand is by First Aid Beauty. They have an Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask that contains both oatmeal and Shea butter. Both these ingredients are known to smooth irritated skin, while hydrating.


If you are facing a breakout, believe me, I understand your frustration. Whether it is from PMSing or not showering soon enough after your last workout, it can be so frustrating. But, once it happens you have to act fast!

With really bad breakouts I always go to apple cider vinegar. Weird, I know. But once you try it you won’t ever go back. Apple Cider Vinegar is known for it’s detoxifying qualities and is naturally antibacterial! I personally just use it as a toner on my face when my skin freaks out by diluting it with water. However, I found a really interesting DIY on Pinterest that mixes it with clay!

However, I get if this seems to outside your realm of comfort for reusing house hold items. A great acne fighting face mask that I have used myself is, Murad’s Clarifying Mask Acne. It has worked wonders on my skin and really helps suppress breakouts. It does this because it contains clay, which draws out dirt, and sulfur, which can help inflammation.

I know that there are plenty more skin types than they ones listed above, but you can still use these mask to your benefit. No matter the skin you have natural nutrients is the key to glowing healthy skin. Next time you get the chance, try messing around with some ingredients at home you know are filled with nutrients and make your own mask, who knows maybe you will stumble upon the magic combination your skin thrives on.


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