The Bus Mishap that Shaped a Friendship

It was the start of Spring Break. In Boston, the sun had finally begun to shine warming the air to a beautiful fifty-five degrees. The city was flocking with families taking their kids into the Common to play, friends grabbing coffee and basking in the sun, and runners freed from treadmills going up and down the Esplanade.

Federica, my soon to become best friend, and I were all packed for our trip to New York, ready to visit what we both considered our future home. We’d both traveled before, but this was our first real girls trip, no supervision.

I met Fed the very first week of college. We both happened to get stuck in doubles down the hall from one another and our friendship built from there. The first semester we hung a little bit, but once second semester came around I started hanging out with her more and more, especially since we both became new members of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Federica originally had plans to go to New York for Spring Break and I planned to go to Arizona to visit my best friend at home, Amber. But, both our plans got kind of screwed over by this annoying thing called life. While talking about our disappointment I blurted out, “Why don’t I just go to New York with you?”

“Really? You’d want to go?”

“Yeah I can’t go to Arizona and I don’t want to go home so, why not?”

“Alright, I’ll talk to my parents tonight”

She talked to them and they said they would love it if I went with her. They all planned to go on a family trip there, but her parents unexpectedly had to fly to Italy for family matters. Leaving Fed with no one to go with and a whole plan all laid out.

Our bus was set to leave from South station at 2:15 pm Friday, March 3rd, we’d known this for weeks and had no worries about getting there. I mean South Station is a mere ten-minute walk from campus. So at one fifteen, an hour before our bus was set to leave, we decided it would be a great idea to stop at Fins with our other best friend, Kate, for some sushi. Why not treat ourselves on this crazy sunny day?

We headed on over with our luggage left in our rooms and casually ordered some veggie and shrimp tempura for appetizers and got some rolls to share as our main course. We leisurely picked at our food we laughed over the memories we made this semester and the hopes we had for the coming year. It was an epic girls lunch that I’ll never forget. Especially since once we got our bill I casually glanced over at my phone to find it was already two o’clock.

“Shit! Fed! It’s two!”

She looked at me with huge eyes and immediately we knew we had to go. We handed our money to Kate, who so kindly said she’d stay back and pay while Fed and I ran back to Little Building to our rooms on the fourth floor. We frantically got all our bags together and realized we still hadn’t printed our bus tickets. Of course, we choose the bus line that makes you print out the tickets, no exceptions.

It was now 2:05 and we were at the mercy of the Little Building printers. If you have ever printed here, then you probably know how this ends. By the time we got everything printed and sorted it was 2:10. We had five minutes to get to South Station, which if we really huffed it was a good ten minutes away. Naturally, we ran. Trying to be optimistic the entire time saying things like,

“It’s okay! We’ll make it!”


“It’s no big deal, buses are always running late anyway!”


“We’re fine! We’re sooo fine!”

We were not fine. We were running down the streets of Boston with huge checked size bag luggage filled with unnecessary amounts of shoes and clothing trying to catch a bus that probably already left. By the time we got to the bus station, it was 2:18. Still, a fairly impressive time if I say so myself, but apparently not impressive enough for our bus driver. Who, we found by asking the lady at our bus gate, had left promptly on time.

I don’t know what I was expecting, for some fairytale movie scene where the two girls make the bus last minute and get to New York as planned!? But, casually I went on to ask the gate guard where we could purchase new tickets. She directed me to the area and Federica and I planned to board the bus at three pm instead. This is a situation my Dad would likely call, a shit show.

As we waited for our next bus to arrive we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. We messed up something that seemed so easy, in such a grand way. It was a story for the ages, one that will go on to define our friendship. The moment Federica and I really became Best Friends.

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