Vlogs Make Me Happy, OK?

I am a really nosy person – I absolutely LIVE for the drama, the inside scoop, the 411, etc. That’s why I adore any kind of social media that gives me a look as to what is happening in the world directly around me such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube!

In case you were wondering how YouTube gives me an inside look, it’s through the millions of vlogs that are uploaded onto the website everyday.

What’s a vlog? Well, the direct definition of a vlog is simply a video blog. It’s really just a form of web television that can be found mostly on YouTube. The word ‘vlog’ was coined by Adrian Miles in 2000 after he posted a video with changing text however Miles was not the person to start vlogging.

Interestingly enough, vlogging started in 2000 when Adam Kontras posted a video alongside a blog entry aimed at informing his friends and family of his cross-country move. Kontras actually started his first vlog in 1999 by vlogging a stage show he did before starting the longest-running video blog in history named “The Journey” and is still active today.

Vlogs have several different styles – you can film personal vlogs which are videos where someone either takes their camera along to film parts of their everyday lives, where someone records everything they eat within a day, or even when someone films a ten minute video of themselves on vacation at a tropical island or fancy resort. On the other hand, you can film live broadcast vlogs which are getting more and more frequent across all forms of social media. For example, you can broadcast live Q&As with your fanbase or broadcast live makeup tutorials or broadcast live charity events (like One Direction did with 1DDay).

In terms of YouTube vlogging which is definitely the most popular form to date, Lonelygirl15 was the first vlogging channel to go viral on the platform in 2006 but the channel turned out to be fictitious as Bree and Daniel, the main stars, were actually played by actors and everything uploaded by the channel was fake.

With all of that aside, I love vlogs.

I love getting the chance to see what people are getting up to in their day-to-day lives, what kinds of food they are eating, getting the chance to learn new recipes that I might use in my own life, and seeing where people are going for vacation. Although these videos are uploaded by people who have a larger span of wealth than I personally do, I think that vlogs give people a chance to connect with people all over the world – especially when you have something that connects you with a direct audience. For example, the Vegan community has a huge following in the vlogging world. There are so many personalities and channels on YouTube that are dedicated to promoting veganism, providing videos with healthy recipes, giving advice to those who are transitioning into the diet, and overall, provide an online community to a lifestyle that is often sensationalized. Some of these channels include the infamous Freelee The Banana Girl (who rebranded to goFREEyourself) or MangoIslandMamma1 who is otherwise known as Ellen Fisher. 

For the most part, I just love vloggers that give me an insight into their everyday life. Here are a couple channels that I love and my favorite vlog from their channels:

1. MoreZoella – Zoe Sugg is the face of British YouTube. Aside from beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and baking videos on her main channel called Zoella, Sugg has created a second channel dedicated to vlogging over three years ago to give her subscribers more insight into her daily life, the bloopers, and extras throughout all of her platforms. One of my favorite vlogs from her channel is definitely her Strawberry Fields vlog as she recorded her time fruit and vegetable picking with her friends and it made me want to do that one day even though I am terrified of bugs.

2. Alex Wassabi – Alex Burriss is one of the most popular American vloggers on YouTube. Otherwise known as Alex Wassabi through his main channel called Wassabi Productions, his channel is reserved for vlogs, challenges, and general fun which he uploads daily or at least multiple times a week. Most of his videos are built around what he gets up to everyday whether it is hanging out with his girlfriend, his brother, or his pets. Burriss always entertains his subscribers through his vlogs and his infectious personality. One of my favorite vlogs is definitely the video called TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL! from his vacation in Bora Bora with his girlfriend – I enjoyed this one a lot as I love seeing where people go on vacation and it was the same resort Couples Retreat was filmed in.

I just really enjoy vlogs because it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. I am a person that absolutely loves things that can make me relax after a day of work and classes. Although I like doing other activities to relax like face-masks and long showers, I just think that watching a nice vlog is my equivalent to watching television at the end of the night!

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