Great Running Routes in Boston

Running. It is something we are all familiar with, whether we were track stars in our high school days or the slowest kid on the playground, we all have an opinion on it. Personally, I love it. It pushes me to be my best self and I find my mind at its calmest when I’m on a run. For those of you on the same page or for those of who want to just try it here are some running routes near campus for you to try out!

The EverydayIMG_1063.JPG

Many of us are busy students who just don’t have time to fit in a long distance run. For those of you squeezing in a quick thirty minute or less run between classes, this is the perfect route for you. It adds up to a brisk three miles, all you have to do is start in front of Little Building, cross the street to the Commons, run through toward the gardens, then run straight down the middle of the Garden till you are on Commonwealth Ave. Commonwealth is the beautiful street lined with huge trees that are currently lined with white twinkle lights and beautiful old brick row style homes. As you run down this street you can’t help but feel motivated by the beautiful scenery. The street eventually ends and you just do a quick turn around and go back the exact way you came.

Fun Tip: Need more of a challenge? Instead of just going straight back home, hit the big hill that is in the common, run up it, and then swing around back to campus!


Motivating Long Run

Personally, I struggle with long runs since, my motivation tanks after four miles. The best way for me to keep going is to be surrounded by other runners. It turns into a mini race between me and the others on my path. I find myself constantly trying to pass up people or catch up to the people that just overlapped me. The best place in Boston for this would be the Esplanade. Just cut through the common then turn left on David G Mugar way and you are there. Go as far as your heart desires! Just remember, the amount you run down, you have to run back. Unless you’re down to pay for an uber ride back but, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of working out in the first place?


IMG_0826.JPGLap Running

Some people love repetition. For those who find calmness in running laps sadly, there is no close by stadium with an accessible track. But, Boston has the next best thing the Commons! Running around the Boston Common and the Public Garden is just under a mile and a half. Essentially, two laps is just under three miles and you can keep going until you feel like you have reached your maximum. This is great if you are unsure of how far you want to go and just want to go until you wear yourself out.

Fun Tip: This is also great for beginners! You can walk as much as you want and you can slowly work your way up to longer increments.

6889603573_6aaa0887d9_bHistorical Mix-Up

Sometimes you want something to look out while you are out on your run. The Boston Freedom trail is perfect for this, with 16 historical sites to see along the way! This is a great run to get your inspiration going. Seeing all the Founding Fathers hard work will hopefully get you in the mood to want to put your own work in! It also allows you to see different areas in Boston from the Common, to the North End, all the way to Bunker Hill. This adds up to 2.5 miles there and if you want to take it back that’s a whole 5 miles.

Fun Tip: If you ever get bored of this run their is an alternative end you can take to switch it up! EIther you can end up at Bunker Hill or you can end up at the USS Constituion! Switch it up when ever you get to routine with this run.

5447958713_050cab91aa_bIndoor Routine

Sometimes Boston likes to throw a curve ball at you and have 13 inches of snow show up in one night, but you had a run planned for that day. Luckily, we live in the 21st century where we are lucky enough to be blessed with the treadmill. The great thing about the treadmill is it offers so many different routes in one. You can mess with the speed and incline right at your fingertips. The treadmill is always a struggle for me because I feel like I can never keep up with my outside pace on it, but it is better than nothing. Routines on here can vary drastically, but my favoirte routine includes running a steady pace for the first half of the run and then ramping up the incline during the second half. Depending on how I am feeling that day in the second half I mix it up between walking and running. During the walks I have the incline all the way up, while for thr running I keep it relatively low. This is great if you want to tone up your butt and calves!

Don’t let your hectic life get you stuck In a rut! These routes may not have the power to change your opinion on running, but they will be sure to change up your routine. Who knows, it might even inspire you to shake up other aspects of your life.


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