Is Glossier Leading the Newest Revolution in Beauty?

Emily Weiss
Ms. Emily Weiss – C.E.O. & Founder

Ever wonder what it would be like to turn your blog into an up-and-coming, award winning skincare and makeup line? Well, Emily Weiss, the C.E.O. and Founder of Glossier, might just have all of the answers for us. Before starting her blog Into The Gloss, she was a favored fashion assistant at W and Vogue making her all of the connections that would create a cult blog following once she left the magazines.

And her blog grew to its height of popularity through her column titled “The Top Shelf” where Weiss interviewed famous editors, models, muses, industry professionals, even rising celebrities about their skincare regimens. Funnily enough, Weiss had a brief stint on The Hills as the uptight, mean intern making her role on the reality television show memorable.

It was just a little over two years ago when Emily Weiss launched Glossier. And what makes Glossier so different than all of the other skincare and beauty brands out there are the messages and ethical standings in the foundation of the company. In the blog post where Weiss announced the launch of the brand, she states that:

Original Drawing by
Original Drawing of Balm Dotcom by

Glossier is about living in—and embracing—the now, not the past, and not the future. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. It’s about being nice to people and knowing that a smile begets a smile. Snobby isn’t cool, happy is cool.

Glossier begins with YOU, which is why our first products are all about letting your personality shine through…glowy, dewy skin.

Foundation is not necessarily a skin-colored fluid. It’s your skin, your expression—that you choose to build on (or not). We’re laying the foundation for a beauty movement: one that celebrates real girls, in real life.

These messages stand true two years later. For lovers of the cult beauty brand, they know that Glossier and all of the incredible women and men who work daily to improve the brand are not only devoted to ethical, expressive skincare but also devoted to the betterment, support, and empowerment of women – all ages, all skin tones, all sizes. And when Weiss’ blog turned five, she carried the same sentiment:

Together, we form what I think has started a small but mighty movement toward taking ownership of your beauty routine, making your own informed decisions about how you want to look and feel, and being proud of who you are every day.

Taken from Glossier Instagram post on Pinterest
Taken from a Glossier Instagram post on Pinterest

What makes Glossier so loved among young women is the fact that Weiss has created a revolution in feminist skincare. She has made high quality makeup and skincare at an affordable price that fits into almost everyone’s beauty routine. As a young, female-identifying, bargaining college student, Glossier offers a range that is a dream-come-true.

Here at Emerson, I know a lot of incredible women who are absolutely obsessed with the beauty line and I was lucky enough to get a few words from Journalism student, Samantha Mangino, on Glossier.

For Mangino, Glossier is a skincare and makeup brand that does not change her appearance instead it works with what she already has. She says, “I love Glossier because it makes me feel more like me… it makes me feel good about myself rather than feel good for other people.” And Mangino loves the fact that Glossier is very affordable and user friendly, “It’s luxury skincare that people can actually buy. For example, you can get a good quality face-cream priced for $35 instead of the usual $250 for something of the same quality.”

As the world of skincare and makeup continues to change, Glossier is leading the newest revolution of beauty standards where the center of the brand is focused on feminist skincare. Just as Emily Weiss puts it, “the beauty of this beauty company [Glossier] is that it will be the first to be built together.”

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