Backstock for Standing Rock with Pub Club

It has always been important to take action, but now is an essential time to be advocating for social and political change. That includes taking action here on Emerson’s campus, in the greater Boston area, or beyond.

But, sometimes advocacy can mean showing solidarity. Or fundraising in support of an issue or movement. That’s why Undergraduate Students for Publishing (or Pub Club) has decided to spend a week selling its back stock to fundraise for Standing Rock. If you’re unfamiliar with Standing Rock, here’s a brief summary: The Standing Rock protests are in response to a proposal to build the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). If built, the pipeline would threaten the water that many indigenous people in the area depend on. Despite the freezing weather, protests have continued at Standing Rock for months now.

All proceeds from Pub Club’s Backstock for Standing Rock sale will go to support Mní Wičhóni Nakíčižiŋ Owáyawa, the school serving the children and families of the protectors camp community in the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock. The school offers lessons taught in the Lakota language for the Lakota children at the camp, members of the very group DAPL will most effect. 

As the name of the org might suggest, Pub Club is devoted to publishing. Each semester, the organization publishes two student-submitted manuscripts, releasing them at the end of the semester as finished books. Having been in operation since 2009, Pub Club has an impressive and varied collection of student books to its name.

There isn’t a limit to what Pub Club publishes, under its Wilde Press imprint. From poetry anthologies, short story collections, memoirs, novellas of all genres — they’ve published it all before. Many choice titles from over the years will be available to be purchased starting on Monday. Interested in poetry? Then you might want to get your hands on Kieran Collier’s poetry collection, “When the Gardner Has Left,” published in Spring 2015. Are you a sci-fi fan? Bailey Tamayo’s Fall 2015 novella about a curious AI, “To the Strangers From Far Away” will be available for purchase as well.

You will even be able to buy books released just last semester, for $5 each. Last semester, Pub Club published both a short story anthology, “Bruises” by Elizabeth Capot, and a poetry collection, “Memories of an Old World” by Julio Cesar Villegas. You can read more about the books published by Pub Club last semester here. When they are first published, proceeds from books published by Pub Club go to a charity of the author’s choosing. In this case, all proceeds are simply going to one specific cause.

Backstock for Standing Rock will begin Monday 2/27 and end Friday 3/3. Pub Club will be in the Piano Row lobby from 5-8 pm every day except Wednesday when they will be in front of the DH. You’ll even be able to purchase books through Venmo, so there’s no reason to miss out. Don’t forget to stop by and pick up some good reads, while supporting a good cause.

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