Tired of texting? Spice up your iMessage with GamePigeon!

Do you ever get bored when you are texting? Have you ever wanted to spice up your conversation with a fun, lil’ game? Well, I discovered something that will make all of these dreams come true during Thanksgiving break due to my best friend Meagan: an app called GamePigeon!

Credit: iTunes Apple Store
Credit: iTunes Apple Store

GamePigeon creates the best of both worlds by combining your iMessage with a game app!

Now, you might know what I’m talking about but if you don’t things are about to get a ~little~ exciting! Obviously, there have been apps created for iMessage before such as sticker apps and emoji apps but I did not realize that there were now game apps that could be used as extensions to iMessage! And the main one that is surging higher and higher in popularity is Game Pigeon (which also works for Android users!). 

In order to get the app, you have to download it from the App Store so when your friend sends you a message, you essentially get an invitation to download the app which will be in the extension bar of your iMessage keyboard which looks like this:


The most amazing thing about Game Pigeon is that you can play it with any of your contacts – the app works for Android users as well. I have yet to test that out to see if it would work between an iPhone user and an Android user but either way, Game Pigeon is an incredible app because it is accessible to everyone with a mobile phone! 

img_3269There are a number of games to choose from including:

  • 8-ball
  • Poker
  • Sea Battle (it runs along the same lines as Battle Ship)
  • Anagrams
  • Tanks
  • Knockout
  • Checkers
  • Four In A Row
  • Word Hunt
  • Dots & Boxes
  • Gomoku
  • 20 Questions
  • 9-ball

And all you have to do to send a request to play a game to one of your contacts is just by choosing the game and the app will automatically format it into a text message or iMessage like this:


These are the main games the app has for now as Game Pigeon continues to work on adding more games to that list. For the most part, these games reflect the board games we all played when we were kids – it brings back a sense of nostalgia in a world where we focus more on television, film, the internet, and the other apps we have on our phones like Snapchat and Instagram. Plus, the app is able to replace having a regular texting conversation so if you get tired of texting, you and your friends can just play the games instead. From my experience, Game Pigeon has started even better conversations because the app is meant to provide friendly competition and as the app does not have any game instructions, it is funny to try and play a game that you have never played before – there were no instructions to play 8-ball so when I first got the app, I spent fifteen minutes on my first turn because I could not figure out how to shoot the stick towards the ball!

And as each game is different, you are able to play games with your friends that you normally would not have access to in real-life as I know I do not own a lot of board games and in my mind, they can kind of be something from the past. However, Game Pigeon is the newest sensation in the App world and I hope that it will continue to grow in popularity as it not only brings people together but can also pass the time if you’re on the T, waiting for class, or just laying in bed — you can bring it anywhere and that’s beautiful to me! Happy playing!

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