Why I Love My Mom

Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my mom here on campus for four fun filled days–I mean it. She hadn’t seen Emerson since she flew up to move me into my dorm at the beginning of my Freshman year and it was such a joy to share with her the life I have built for myself in Boston. We explored the city, enjoyed the beautiful weather with nice morning walks in the Public Gardens and visited some of my favorite local food spots (soft serve from the DH included).

Most importantly, though, we got to reconnect. My mom is the most important person in my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it isn’t unusual for me to call her three or four different times a day, sometimes just to ask her opinion on what I should have for dinner. I’m not sure why she hasn’t blocked my number yet. This was a different kind of connection, though. I had made it a point to finish all of my class assignments before she arrived and without the stress of work or responsibilities at home on her end, we didn’t have a care in the world. Because of this we weren’t ranting about the stresses of our daily lives like we so often would in the car or at the dinner table; we were enjoying each other’s company. We told stories and laughed and got to really listen to what the other had to say. I think we even got to know each other better, if that’s possible.

Spending this quality time together made me realize just how much I appreciate my mother for all that she is and all that she does. She treated me to delicious means I could not afford on my college student budget and took me shopping, but left me with so much more. My mother is brilliant, hardworking, and fearless–everything I would love to be. She supports me in everything I have ever done and is the reason I am here at Emerson today. Growing up she did not miss a single one of my performances–this included three dance recitals squeezed into a single day and watching me play Mary in a nativity play with a crying newborn on her hip through the window of our church’s nursery.

She has spent the past twenty years wiping my tears, doing everything she possibly could to make it all okay and every time she succeeds. She has also made so many sacrifices to give me the world in return. She has made me the young woman I am today, giving me her guidance when I feel like I’ve lost my way and her unwavering love (even when I don’t listen) even from a  thousand miles away.  These are priceless gifts that college has made me all the more thankful for. So mom, when you read this: I love you endlessly, unconditionally, and forever. Thank you.

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