You Guide to Holiday Workouts: Fitness for after the Food!

Thanksgiving break is one of the most wonderful times of year! No classes for a couple of days, the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and most importantly a refrigerator filled with delicious Thanksgiving leftovers (thank you mom!) If you’re anything like me and struggle to stay active during the holiday season fear not! I share with you, my loyal readers, my favorite full body circuit workout that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom in just about ten minutes. Most importantly there’s no need to jostle those mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie around, because this workout involves no running!

10 Push-Ups


The keys to executing push ups correctly for maximum results are to keep the arms shoulder-width apart- no more more less- and to lower your body enough that your nose nearly touches the ground.

20 Side Ups

Balancing in a sideways plank with the weight equally distributed between the flattened forearm and the foot, lower your hips to the ground, engaging your core muscles so that you aren’t teetering. These don’t need to be done quickly, in fact the slower they are executed the stronger burn you will feel! Repeat to the other side, balancing on the opposite forearm. 

20 Crunches


 Ah, the dreaded crunches. For maximum effect and to avoid using incorrect muscles such as the neck, do them holding a small household item (or pet- everyone loves a gym buddy!) Repeat with the legs at a 45 degree angle and then again with the legs straight up in the air.


 Giving your abs a break and toning those glutes lay flat on your back and slide your legs slightly out from the crunch position, lifting your toes and letting your heels dig into the ground. With your arms flat on the ground lift your hips and squeeze for 5-10 seconds (you should feel it!) before lowering your hips back down to the ground. Repeat 25 times.

Dead Bug

Laying flat on the ground (like a dead bug) lift the torso along with one arm and the opposite leg in a crunch style fashion, alternating arms and legs repeat 30 times

RKC Plank


This exercise is perfect for those of us who understand that a minute in a proper plank can feel like days. Hold the traditional plank position for 15-20 seconds and lower for 5-10, repeating either 3 or 4 times, depending on how long you’re holding.


The best part about this circuit is that it’s totally customizable! Feel like one of the exercises is too easy? Add another set or repeat with added weight (I’ll own up to doing my crunches and dead bugs holding my laptop in my hands). Struggling with one of the moves? Slow it down until you know you’re doing it right and don’t give up! Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful workout!

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