Pub Club’s Fall 2016 Book Launch

What is Pub Club exactly? Pub Club is short for Undergraduate Students for Publishing, which is one of several publishing organizations operating on Emerson’s campus. The organization provides students who hope to work in the publishing industry the chance to gain some valuable experience while at Emerson. One of the ways Pub Club does this is by publishing two books a semester, under the name Wilde Press.

Pub Club operates as its own miniature publishing house by selecting two manuscripts from those submitted each semester and releasing them as physical books. The publishing process is a long one and includes editorial, copyediting, design, and marketing teams. These books are finally released and sold to the public at a launch night event late in the semester. The proceeds from each book then go toward a charity of the author’s choosing. Last semester Gay by May by David Carliner and These Thoughts That Hold Us by Sarah Cummings were both published by Wilde Press.

This semester is no different. On December 12th, Pub Club will host a launch party for two new books written by Emerson students. The two books being released this semester couldn’t be more different, but they also couldn’t be more incredible.

Julio Villegas, a sophomore VMA student, wrote his collection of poetry, Memories of an Old World at the beginning of this school year. In his work, Julio draws on his cultural background as influence. Memories of an Old World is a bilingual poetry collection, with poems written in both Spanish and English.

The second book being released by Pub Club this semester is Bruises, a collection of short stories. Bruises is by VMA student Betty Capot. Bruises places the spotlight primarily on female characters and each short vignette tells a different character’s story.

By buying Betty and Julio’s books, you can not only support your peers and their art but also two great causes. Proceeds from Julio’s book will go toward Proyecto Carrito, an Emerson organization that deals with immigrant issues. Betty will be donating proceeds from her book to Days For Girls, which provides sanitary feminine products for girls in developing countries.

The launch party is set to be December 12th at 7pm in the Bill Bordy Theater. Both Julio and Betty will read from their books for the audience and snacks will be available. Afterward, both books will be for sale. Wilde Press will also feature the newest issue of Generic Magazine at the launch party. Generic is another publication on campus that operates under the Wilde Press label. You will be able to pick up a copy of Generic’s newest issue for free.

Don’t forget that Pub Club opens submissions to the Emerson community each semester. Do you want to see your manuscript published before you graduate from Emerson? Then be sure to submit to Pub Club in the near future. The chance to be published with Wilde Press is too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Find out more about Pub Club here, and make sure to attend the launch party and get involved with this great organization next semester!

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