The Girl has Lichtenstyle: an Interview with Emerson’s Local Fashionista

Isabelle Lichtenstein, a sophomore here at Emerson, has always loved clothes. She has been the proud owner of Lichtenstyle , a fashion and beauty blog since 2013, and has evolved her message as much as her style in the years since. From outfit #inspo and beauty tips to body positivity, she is taking the industry by storm, making it her mission to advocate for plus size women in the media as well as the mall. We sat down with Isabelle to learn more about her journey as Emerson’s local fashion expert.


How long have you been interested in fashion, is it something you’ve always been passionate about?

When I was little, my dad used to pick my outfits out for me in the morning. It was really nice of him, but they were never very good. I think around second grade I decided that I would pick out my own clothes in the morning so that I could wear what I wanted and what looked good. That was when my love for clothing started, but I think my love for the concept of fashion and the actual style part of it started during middle school.

What’s your favorite article of clothing in your closet?

My favorite article of clothing is probably my tan structured trench coat from Gap. It’s the perfect layer for the weather recently, and it goes with anything.

Are there any popular trends right now that you’re really loving?

The bomber jacket! Seriously. I don’t think I can pull them off because they’re a little boxy for me, but I see so many people rocking them and I’m super jealous.

What is your favorite season of the year to dress for?

Probably fall. It’s the perfect time to try out light layer pieces as well as jackets without having to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Plus, who doesn’t love sweater weather?

Do you have any fashion icons?

UGH, I have so many! Alexa Chung is always a favorite for me, even though our styles are so different. She’s just that cool girl that I wish I could dress like. I’m also heavily inspired by Caitlin, the blogger from Southern Pearls and Curls. Her style is just like mine. Those are just a few, but I can totally list more if you need!

What is your process for putting together an outfit, be that in the store pairing pieces or getting ready in the morning?

When I’m shopping in a store, I only spend time on pieces I absolutely love. If it’s a maybe, it’s a no. From there, I take all my “love” pieces and try to imagine three outfits with things I already have in my wardrobe. If I can imagine three, I buy it. If not, I leave it. In terms on putting together an outfit, I always plan my outfits the night before! I also have a whole Excel document on my computer where I map out potential outfits, so if I’m not feeling creative enough to pick one out on the fly, I pull it from my logged outfits.

What’s you go to outfit when you can’t decide what to wear?

Black booties, stripes, and a bold lip. It’s the classic, iconic French style, and that’s my ultimate inspiration.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration (magazines, pinterest, ect?)

My biggest inspiration is from other fashion bloggers. Seeing how real people can take clothing that I could realistically buy and style them into amazing outfits is always the best way to get ideas. I’m also partial to Pinterest – it’s a great way to find something or someone new!

What made you decide to start your fashion blog and what advice do you have for others with a specific passion looking to make a brand of it?

While I am going into fashion writing, what I intend to do is write more about the issues of the fashion industry and how to fix them, instead of talking about the season’s latest trends. But I do love clothing and expressing myself through fashion, so I wanted a place to stay grounded in the “trends” part of style while my social issue writing career moved forward.


What has been the most difficult part about establishing yourself in the fashion community?

I am a plus sized woman. In the fashion industry today, that’s not really looked upon as a good thing. Thankfully it’s slowly changing thanks to people like Ashley Graham and Tara Lynn. It’s still pretty difficult, though. When you’re a plus size individual trying to establish yourself in the style community, you often have to do, be, and dress more than those who are thin.

Isabelle and her Lichtenstyle can be found via Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter 

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