Registration is here!

It is November 7th and registration starts today as Election Day lingers in the distance. And luckily, Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games has something to tell you:


Yes, it has reached that time in the semester where we all have to attend academic advising or department advising meetings, figure out our pin numbers (for those of us who have them anyways), and to wake up bright and early at 7AM on our designated day! And in my case, I have a week to go until I will be able to register for my classes and as someone who surprisingly gets lucky with class registration, I want to provide you with some of my main tips.

I think preparing for class registration starts when the dates and times of registration are released. Although it is perfectly normal to figure out what classes you want and to plan out your schedule a day or so before your registration time, I do think planning ahead will benefit you especially when you probably just rolled out of bed and still half-asleep just to register. In my experience, planning ahead has not only allowed me to quickly access back-up classes if my first choices are filled up but to also feel a little less nervous and anxious about the process as I have everything I need with me. 

And speaking of things that are needed for registration, if you are a freshman or a first semester sophomore, you will need a registration pin number! This gives you access to the registration system and to actually choose your classes for the next semester. However, I learned that there are some majors that do not require a pin number for registration after the first semester of your sophomore year which is incredibly convenient! And if you are interested in learning more about which majors do or do not require a pin number, I suggest calling the Academic Advising Center – they are great people with a lot of valuable information!

Aside from making a list and having your pin number, I have a couple more general tips about registration:

1.) Try to wake up ten to fifteen minutes before 7AM – not only will it allow you to wake up a little bit but it will also help you get settled and have your laptop ready to go!


2.) Write down a list! Using a list with the general class names is one thing but making a list with the class numbers and codes will save your life as you must put those numbers and codes in yourself on the day of your registration!

3.) If you do not get any of the classes you want, you still have time next semester to add or drop classes! Everyone does it – you will be able to find a class that you like or will fill a requirement even if you might be stuck with classes you never wanted in the first place.


4.) Make sure you will have internet access whether you live on or off campus! Even if this might be something we cannot control, at least try to be connected to wifi at 7AM — and from my experience as an on-campus student, Emerson Guest can be reliable alternative!

5.) Most importantly, try to pick classes which will fit your work and extra-curricular schedule next semester! If you know you have meetings at 1PM on Friday afternoons, try to avoid having a 12PM class or try to not have Friday classes at all! If you know you work in the mornings at your internship, try to opt for evening classes! Choosing classes that fit your schedule is just as important as choosing classes that will fulfill liberal art, major, or minor requirements!

At the end of the day, registration is an important process – it is imperative to be online at the start of registration because classes fill up quickly and a lot of students tend to be vying for the same classes in any given major. Even if registration does not go the way you had hoped for, it will be okay in the end as Emerson is equipped with people to give you the assistance and resources you might need to switch classes and create a better class schedule for next semester!

Good Luck! You got this.


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