Get Ready With Me!

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of beauty and fashion icons on YouTube, specifically GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos. They’re absolutely addicting and a great way to get tips, product recommendations, and general wellness inspiration! As somebody who may not be an expert but loves makeup and fashion I thought I would share with all of you my typical routine!

The first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face- I’ve read multiple places that switching up your skincare routine fairly often can yield much more desirable results- so I alternate between the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub and the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Wash. For the sake of transparency, I don’t have difficult skin and could use nearly any face wash without problems, these are my favorites because they smell glorious and can be purchased anywhere. After drying my face I always apply plenty of moisturizer especially in the winter because my skin can get very dry. Because of this I splurge on a high end brand- my go to for years now has been the Dramatically Different by Clinique- it leaves your skin feeling nourished and light without any oily residue. A little goes a long way, but when I do run out I stop by the Clinique counter of my local Macy’s rather than paying for shipping from the Clinique website.

Now that my face is clean I let my hair down, (literally- I always sleep with my hair back and I think it makes a huge difference in my skin) and get started. I brush it out and if I didn’t wash it the night before will use a quick spray of the Batiste dry shampoo in brown (the other ones make my hair white no matter what I seem to do!) My hair is naturally straight so it doesn’t take much effort, but if I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw it around my 1’ curling wand in a few medium size pieces for a softer, wavy look. One quick spritz of hairspray to keep the curls perfect all day (Treseme “Perfectly Undone” is my favorite- all of the hold, none of the crunch!) and it’s time to start my face.

On a typical week day my makeup is fairly minimal. I normally start with eyebrows (the most important, let’s be honest) and work my way down. After brushing them into the shape I want I fill them in- my secret is that I don’t use an eyebrow powder but actually love “Undone” from my Naked2 basics palette! It doesn’t move around and matches the color of my natural brows perfectly. A quick swipe of my Benefit Kabrow Gel (I swear by Benefit but I’m still deciding if I like it, the color is great but I find it to be pretty clumpy on my particular brows) and it’s onto eyes. I usually just apply some black liner to my top and bottom water line and add a quick wing with my Maybelline EyeStudio Master Precise liquid eyeliner, another drugstore favorite that I pick up either at CVS or Walgreens.

The last place I do love to splurge when it comes to makeup is mascara. As someone who would prefer to accentuate her dark lashes over her dark circles I refuse to use anything but Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara. Costing a well worth it $23 this pretty pink tube lives up to it’s name and has been an absolute staple in my makeup bag for a long, long time. It’s available through the Too Faced website (they often send you free mini samples with a purchase!) or at Ulta or Sephora, either online or in store.  

Next it’s time to get dressed! When it comes to outfits I prefer to keep it simple. I’m a HUGE fan of black (it goes with everything) and can also be found wearing workout clothes 6 days of the week. They’re comfortable and warm and I’m only a little bit sorry about it. When I do decide to wear pants with buttons and a zipper I usually choose my outfit the night before to save time in the morning before class. Today I’m keeping it simple and pairing one of my favorite Primark sweaters with jeans and brown boots for a warm, fall look. (Pro tip: My days are so much better when I walk around wearing adorable socks- today my toes are sporting ostriches on a light pink background compliments of Target.)

Of course, no look is complete without accessories. Lately I’ve been loving watches and rings, and if the neckline is right, a trendy choker never hurt nobody! A quick spritz of my go to perfume, one last glance in the mirror and I’m ready to go! Thanks for getting ready with me!

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