The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

  I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills- my elementary school agenda book had all four of my homework assignments conscientiously highlighted upon completion and since than not much has changed, but being prepared when it comes to holidays? Forget it! St. Patrick’s day arrives and I leave the house without sporting a spot of green, and Halloween comes up and takes me by surprise every single year. The stress of deciding what to dress up as (crossing your fingers you don’t have to coordinate and get stuck with everybody’s least favorite character) and actually getting the costume without doling out some major dough is more than my fragile fall feelings can take. For those of you, like me, who will inevitably wake up on October 31st (it’s a monday this year, mark your calendars now) scrambling to put together something that works here are ten fast, fresh costume ideas that you likely already have in your closets at home.

  1. Risky Business– because let’s face it, Halloween can be! All this costume requires is a white button down and a pair of sunglasses (tighty whities optional)
  2. Nudist on Strike – for those of us who prefer for our costumes to include pants just tape a piece of paper identifying yourself as such to whatever you’re already wearing and walk out the door!3893980537_d2f8e6201d_z
  3. A formal apology– for those of us looking for a look that’s both snappy and classy- don your most dapper dupes, add a sign that says “I’m sorry” and you’re good to go
  4. An Olympic Gymnast– put that bodysuit you payed $5 for at Primark last weekend to good use and spend the evening living your secret dream of joining the Final 5 on the podium at the Rio games- add some glitter and anything red white and blue to really sell the looksimone_biles_rio_2016e
  5. Pizza delivery person– All you need is that leftover pizza box from last night, solid bottoms and a polo! Bonus points if you actually bring pizza out with you to pass out while you celebrate
  6. Jeb Bush– all you need is a sign that says “please clap”jeb-bush
  7. Biker Gang– Throw on all black, some leather boots and a jacket, some accessories (chokers, bandanas, and some eyeliner don’t hurt) and you’re the toughest kid on Boylston street!
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s– a little Black dress, statement necklace, big sunglasses and you’re Holly Golightly! (you could be also be extra puny and bring the green box of DH brunch sitting in your mini fridge around with you)8272064306_f8839a0f32_b
  9. Matt Bellasai from Buzzfeed’s Whine About it  – Pit stains, too tight shirt, list of complaints, bottle of wine or some large container filled with juice for us under 21s
  10. Prince– all purple, a raincoat, boots, and umbrella (also rip)5140818043_41902fd5dd_b
  11. Eleven from Stranger Things– grab a box of eggo waffles at CVS, throw on a jean jacket paired with tube socks and you’re everybody’s new favorite horror heroine! For those looking to really commit a bit of fake blood from CVS (or a packet of ketchup from the Max for those of us really scrambling)

And for those of us still undecided there are thousands of great ideas out there only a quick google search away! Happy Halloween


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