How To Make Yourself Seem Put Together

From WiffleGif via Office Depot One Direction Commerical
From WiffleGif via Office Depot One Direction Commercial

In the short list of the talents I have, I am proud to admit that I have mastered the art of looking put together and projecting a calm, confident persona.

However, this image is far from how my life truly is.

First of all, I have a horrible sleeping schedule. It literally takes more than twelve alarms to wake me up in the morning. Secondly, I am a big procrastinator. I tend to leave my school work to the early hours of the morning due to the fact that I ended up watching hours of reality television on my laptop. And third of all, I never pay attention to my schedule. Even if I remember all of my extracurricular meeting times and class times, I am absolutely horrible at making enough time for myself to live a happy, healthy life! Yet, these three bad habits account to why I am usually five minutes late to everything.

With that said, I have been working on myself. Throughout the last two months, I have only been late about ten times which is a breakthrough! And I tend to wake up by the eighth alarm instead of the twelfth! Most importantly, I give myself time for school-work by planning out at least one day of my weekend.

However, this blog post is not about my personal problems or who I truly am behind my ‘put together’ image. I am here to tell you my top tips about making yourself seem put together and hiding how much of a hot mess we all might be inside.

From Giphy via Slapping Incredibles Gif
From Giphy via Slapping Incredibles Gif

The best tip I can provide is wearing a watch. I was lucky enough to receive a rose-gold colored Michael Kors watch for Christmas last year from my mom. And let me tell you, I wear my watch every single day. It has been such a statement piece in my wardrobe that I sometimes forget it is there, especially when I get a compliment! I wear my watch constantly and it goes with absolutely everything from leggings to ripped jeans to even sweats.

img_2833Most importantly, the Huffington Post points out that wearing a watch will give people an impression that you put effort into getting ready in the morning. Plus, watches are primarily worn by adults so wearing a watch means that you are most likely an adult who is taking on the world!

Following a watch, I suggest getting one good pair of heeled boots. There is just something about giving your body height that can make the people around you intimidated. According to The Guardian, heels have been used to not only get attention but to also give you power through “physical stature” and has been historically “used as a form of marking power” by men and women alike.


Since heels, including heeled boots, will give you power and style points these shoes really help make the people around you think that you are put together and possibly more powerful. Although I personally wear heeled boots as they make me feel confident, I have noticed that people do take me more seriously when I am wearing any kind of heel.


And the last tip I have would be getting a phone case that also acts as an wallet or ID holder. For some reason, I need to carry a number of cards with me and this phone case is the only way I remember to bring everything important and essential. The reason why I find that cases like my own can make you seem put together because a wallet case is reliable and in turn makes you reliable as well.

If you always have everything important on you, including your health insurance card, you are going to create a reliable and organized image of yourself. Most of the time, my phone case gets a ton of compliments which usually sound like this: “Wow, I love your case! I wish I had thought of that, you’re so organized! I need to buy one for myself, where did you get that?”

With all these tips aside, looking put together and semi-professional is something I do for myself. When I look my best, I feel like the most confident version of myself and although it is nice to know that the people around me think I have my life figured out, I am presenting myself this way because I want to and not for someone else’s pleasure.

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