Make the Most of Your Mondays

Garfield famously hates Mondays. If you go to the clothing section of almost any store you’re bound to find shirts that boast how much they hate Mondays. The Cure permanently dubbed Mondays as blue in “Friday I’m in Love.” No matter where you look at it, the world seems to collectively hate Mondays.

I’m no fan of Mondays either. I’m no stranger to being up late on a Sunday night and groaning because I realize what day it is tomorrow. But lately I’ve started to realize that adamantly hating one day of the week might not be the best attitude to have.

Mondays are often considered the beginning of the week because that’s when the work week starts. Monday is a chance for a fresh start and if you have a bad attitude about it, it might affect how your week goes.

I’m starting to think that changing my attitude about Mondays might go a long way:

Schedule Something to Look Forward To


During this past school year, I always looked forward to Mondays because I had a club meeting at night that I enjoyed attending. If you schedule an activity that you know you’re going to look forward to on a Monday, it might make getting through that Monday grind a little easier. Make plans to hang out with friends on Monday nights or get coffee with someone if your schedules are too busy hang out. Mondays definitely may not have the most freedom as Fridays, but they don’t have to be miserable.

Start at a Reasonable Time


If you’re in college and you’re able to make your own schedule, consider what time you’re starting on Mondays. You may not want to schedule that 8am class because it’s often hard to get up early especially at the beginning of the week. But it also may not be good to not schedule classes until 4pm. If you don’t have classes until the afternoon, you might not have any motivation to get up until the late afternoon and then your week is off to a sluggish start. Mondays are all about balance and knowing your schedule is key to getting a Monday attitude.

Take it as an Opportunity


We all know Mondays stink, but if you try to have a better attitude about Mondays, it may help your whole week go more smoothly. Don’t treat it as a hurdle you have to get over just to get closer to Friday, but rather as an opportunity to get things done for the week. If Monday is one of your more productive days of the week, it leaves less for you to do later in the week when you start to anticipate the weekend. I often find it easier to tackle large projects like papers and presentations on Sundays and Mondays rather than on Thursdays and Fridays when the upcoming weekend has taken all my motivation away.

No matter what you do to try to make your Mondays more manageable, just realize that Monday is the start of the week. So if you try to make the most of your Mondays, hopefully the rest of the week will be just as successful.


Images: Giphy (3), Jim Davis (1)

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