Dad Hats: From Baseball to Fashion

You’re scrolling down your Instagram when you first see it; the hat. It has a vintage feel or even a pop culture saying that speaks to you. Immediately you know that your wardrobe will not be complete without it. You feel that you must have it in order to achieve the level of cool of the current wearer as well as to add to your personal style. So, you go on a Google frenzy lost in click holes until you find it and make it yours.

Caps, or “dad hats” as many style sites have affectionately begun calling them, have been taking over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards for months now. These hats have been reoccurring in the fashion scene for several years popularized by Brandy Melville and other brands as well as celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian. However, this summer seems to be the summer of the dad hat.

Commonly known as baseball caps, these types of hats have been around since the mid-1800s when they were first worn by the baseball team the Brooklyn Excelsiors. Soon, they became the standard for baseball players across the globe. The hats shield the eyes from the sun which is essential in the sport.

For many decades, fans also embraced the hats to support their favorite team, leading to their association with fathers cheering on their team. Soon, many other brands and logos began appearing on the hats. The hats became common accessories in most wardrobes. However, they were not necessarily always deemed “fashionable.” More so, caps were thought to be reserved for bad hair days or athletic outings. That is, until now. With the trend hitting the mainstream market, these caps are no longer just for dads or even baseball players, the “dad hats” are for everyone.

Caps typically contain a logo or lettering of some sort embroidered on the front above the brim and an adjustable band in the back. Due to their various colors and possible personal options, these hats can be adopted to fit almost any style. The hats even come in many materials from classic canvas to leather. They can be used to show support of your favorite sports team, college, pop culture statement, or just about anything else. In addition, the brims still fulfill their original purpose and can act as a shield from the sun. Thus, the hats can be worn on beach days or for trips in the city, music festivals and everything in between.This combination of functionality and fashionability makes the caps the perfect summer accessory.

Caps can be styled with a large variety of outfits. The classic summer look can include cut off shorts, a tank top, high top sneakers, and your favorite cap. However, caps can also be paired with a skirt or dress to make an outfit more casual or day time appropriate. The material and color of the cap are also important in determining what outfit to pair it with. The right cap can often be worn as a statement piece adding a certain fashionable feel to an otherwise basic outfit. If you have long hair caps also allow for a variety of hairstyles. This includes the classic athletic look of a pony tail sticking out the back of your cap or something more fun like a half up half down look. The ways to wear caps are seemingly limitless. So, pick up a “dad hat” and begin experimenting with your own summer style.

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