The Amazing Race 28 Finale

After twelve episodes which covered a race of 21 days and 27,000 miles in ten different countries, the 28th season of The Amazing Race finally came to end. While the show usually has a random selection of contestants, this season kept it interesting by having all social media stars and their families race around the world to compete for the million dollar grand prize.

Since I’ve  faithfully watched the show since its fifteenth season, I was eagerly awaiting the finale. This season was especially exciting for me because it was the first time I knew of a team prior to them joining The Race. So it only increased my support. I had been rooting for Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl before the season even began, so you could imagine my excitement when they made it into the final three.

As always, this season of The Amazing Race was, well, amazing. Teams took mud baths in Mexico, played Tejo in Colombia, built a swiss army knife in Switzerland, identified flags at the UN, collected dynamite to cause avalanches in France, stitched ornate carpets in Armenia, performed on stage with the Georgian National Ballet, raced against camels on bikes in Dubai, faced a U-Turn, harvested salt and jumped off cliffs in Indonesia, looked for landmarks in Window of the World in China and then finally traveled back to the United States for the finale.

After the first four episodes when teams Darius and Cameron, Marty and Hagan, and Brittany and Jessica had been eliminated, I made predictions for the remaining teams as a fun way to see the teams’ progress throughout the season. Here was the result:


1. Tyler and Korey

2. Kurt and Brodie

3. Burnie and Ashley

4. Dana and Matt

5. Sheri and Cole

6. Zach and Rachel

7. Erin and Joslyn

8. Scott and Blair


1. Dana and Matt

2. Sheri and Cole

3. Tyler and Korey

4. Burnie and Ashley

5. Kurt and Brodie

6. Zach and Rachel

7. Scott and Blair

8. Erin and Joslyn

The finale was jam packed with tension as always. Teams had to fly from China to Los Angeles for the final leg. Once there, they were instructed to go to Angelus Plaza, where they had to jump off the building and try to catch a clue that was suspended a few feet from the building. If they missed their clue, they had to start all over again. Then they took a helicopter to Santa Barbara where they had to maneuver a boat and find a specific boat to get their next clue.

In probably the hardest task I’ve ever seen done on The Race—though the teams made it look effortless— they made their way to Gibraltar Rock. One team member had to drag themselves across the canyon, while the other was rappelled down the rock. They had to synchronize their pace so that they could each grab half a clue. Then they had to make their way back across the canyon or up the rock and put their clues together.

The next and final task was, as always, a memory challenge. For as long as I’ve been watching The Race there’s been a task in the finale where they have to remember information from every leg of the season. This task took place at Grassini Family Vineyards where they had to arrange letters and hashtags on the wine barrels to spell out the names of the cities in the order they visited with the corresponding hashtag they were given in their clue for that leg.

After racing through this task, Dana and Matt made their way to the finish line, where all the eliminated teams as well as host, Phil Keoghan, were waiting for them. Sheri and Cole came in not long after and then same with Tyler and Korey. The entire season was very close and all the teams were very strong and competitive. While it was disappointing to have been rooting for Tyler and Korey all season and not see them win, this still became a season of The Amazing Race I will  never forget.

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