Picking Your Candidate: The Guide to Political Romance

Elections are a form of declaration; a chance for the country to proudly proclaim, “This is what we want, this is what we need.” However, we can only proudly proclaim that as a nation when everyone within our borders has put forth their own opinions. To do so requires some new legislation and education. If we want to tackle these education issues, we need to learn about the problems, candidates and proposed solutions.

Let’s stage the current scene: May 15, 2016 and we have three politicians trying to court our vote for power. Who do you believe can push America into the future?

 Step 1: Scroll Through the Profiles

First, let’s take a look at our politicians. If you’re unfamiliar with the candidates at hand, don’t go in-depth when you start. As you watch debates or listen to promotions, you’ll learn more information about their characters and their policies. Always start with a dating profile of information on each candidate. Who is your choice for America’s soul mate?

Bernie_Sanders_(20033841412_24d8796e44_c0)Candidate: Bernie Sanders

Political Party: Democrat

Position: Senator

From: Vermont



25349687914_da06ccbe7d_bCandidate: Hillary Clinton

Political Party: Democrat

Position: Former Secretary of State

From: New York




Candidate: Donald Trump

Political Party: Republican

Position: Entrepreneur

From: New York



Step 2: Find Shared Interests

Everyone has ‘must haves’ for love, or even solely for attraction. Establishing what those requirements are, are crucial. Like any relationship, the one with your politician requires open and vocal communication. They need to know what you want, so they can deliver. Otherwise, your relationship may be doomed from the start.

Many people feel limited by their political choices—either because of the party they subscribe to or by the media focus on certain issues—whatever the reason may be, try to start out with an open mind. Otherwise, your predispositions or prejudices may cloud your focus from the issues that really matter.

A great way to do this is by taking an online quiz. It’s literally the compatibility quiz of politics without the limitations of party or media. In the end, you’ll receive your political best match.

Step 3: Listen to Experts

We’ve all asked our friends for advice before. What would they do in this situation; how would they handle this problem. Those habits shouldn’t change when referring to politics. Conversation and even argumentation is key; by talking to friends, foes, teachers, to anyone around, you discover different perspectives or variables you hadn’t thought of before.

We’re also a society of tradesman. We have doctors for when we need healing, engineers for when we need innovative building and we have political scientists to investigate the truth behind all the proposals and promises our politicians make.

Let’s take an example issue: the funding for Planned Parenthood.

  1. I believe the government should fund Planned Parenthood.
  2. I believe the government should lower the funding of Planned Parenthood.
  3. I believe the government should stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is a global non-profit organization that offers basic healthcare, education, and the option for a safe and legal abortion. At this moment, the government funds for their facilities. They also receive funding from personal donations.

This is a main focus issue within this election and often, with passionate issues such as these, people become blinded by their own biased opinions. So we need to call on experts for help deciphering what these decisions could affect.

  1. What are the statistics and facts about Planned Parenthood?

I recommend collecting information, starting in the form of quantitative data. Numbers have no bias and can either confirm or deny one’s opinions.

  1. How large of a role does Planned Parenthood play in our economy?
  2. How many people rely on Planned Parenthood?
  3. Where would Planned Parenthood’s funding go?
  4. Could our society handle or stabilize the burst of citizens without healthcare because of the defunding of Planned Parenthood?

There are variables after variables that need to be taken into account. Unless you have a degree in the field or study in-depth the numbers and hypothetical situations, how validated are we with our own opinions?

This is where the media comes in handy. Talk show after talk show, newspaper article after newspaper article, even YouTube shows, all these mediums quote experts and their findings. So read up during your commute to work or listen to the radio at the gym. The benefit of an opinionated society in a technological age, we’re always finding new ways to share our thoughts. You have a wide array of options and people to choose from.

It only takes three simple steps for a political affair for the ages. Get educated, support your candidate and move America forward. It’s our duty and honor. Not everyone has this possibility within America or around the world, so appreciate it for the gift that it is. Voting is a chance to make a difference, one with an impact on your life as you know it and on thousands of others. Who do you support?

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