Bleeding Blue in Beantown

When I was younger I told my mother I would never live in Boston. It wasn’t because it was a city. It wasn’t because it was far away from home. No, it was because Boston is where the Boston Red Sox play, and as a stubborn Yankees fan, I wasn’t about to subject myself to that city.

Fast forward and I’m visiting Emerson College with my mom and my aunt. I’m wearing my Yankees sweatshirt and the T worker glares at me as he tries to explain to us how the T works. My mom claims that more people were receptive to us when we asked them for directions when I took off my sweatshirt, but I wasn’t about to relent.

Most people would probably pack up all of their New York Yankees gear when traveling to Boston, but I saw it as a sign of pride. I’m proud of my team and I’m a constant upholder of the rivalry. I’m not afraid to joke around with classmates and friends about their Red Sox gear because I know I can trust them and it’s not going to get too serious.

Here’s the thing about any rivalry: it’s all in good fun. I wear my Yankees hat because I like baseball and they’re my favorite team. And sure, I almost killed my friend the time she was staying at my house in New York and she told me she was a Red Sox fan, but at the end of the day, I know how to respect people. I’m not going to shame people for their interests, and I also know that I’m in the minority in Boston and sometimes need to keep my mouth shut.

So if you’re a Yankees fan in Boston, or a sports fan of any kind in the minority, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be Proud. (But Not Too Proud)


I’m still waiting for the day the Yankees win the world series while I’m in Boston, so I can run around and gloat, but I also know that if that happens I probably won’t do that too publicly. It’s one thing if I text a friend about it but it’s another thing if I run through the streets of Boston and yell that the Red Sox stink. That would probably get me arrested. I am usually pretty safe wearing all Yankees gear at Emerson because I’ve actually become friends with more Yankees fans than Red Sox fans at college. This is because everyone is from different states.

Be Respectful, It’s a Game


This really goes for any sort of interest. It’s best to just be the bigger person sometimes and just let it go. I never really tease anyone about the Red Sox unless I know them or they start it first, and it’s usually in good fun. I’ve heard stories about fans taking things too far and I never want to be that kind of fan.

Never Give In


I had so many friends and family members talk about how I was going to become a Red Sox fan when I went away to college, but I laughed at all of them and told them that wasn’t true. I’m loyal and stubborn. (After all, I am writing an article about being a Yankees fan in Boston. I’m kind of taking a risk here.) I will be a Yankees fan as long as I live and I respect Red Sox fans for liking their team, even if the Yankees are better.

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