The Countdown to “Hamilton” in Boston

By: Sarah Hope

If you haven’t listened to “Hamilton” yet, you are way behind. It’s an amazing historical hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton and those surrounding him, written by a genius: Lin-Manuel Miranda. Even those who are not involved in musical theatre and the performing arts are finding themselves intrigued by the musical representation of this man’s life.

Although we’ve all fallen in love with the soundtrack, which includes virtually the whole show, we will never be satisfied. Every fan that hasn’t had the chance already, and even those that have, will always have a powerful longing to see the visuals. There are certain rumors about the visual portion of the show that we must see for ourselves. Luckily, for fans in Boston and beyond, the national tour has been bestowed upon us, at last. By 2018, the cast of “Hamilton” will be making its way through the Northeast in order to make a stop in Boston, and the fans that have been standing by will finally have the chance to experience “Hamilton.”

Of course there are things we know from listening to the soundtrack, that would simply be enhanced with a live viewing, like the relationship between Hamilton himself, and his defeater Aaron Burr, throughout their whole lives. In the soundtrack, Miranda makes the foreshadowing and references to the very of the show clear, and it would be even more intriguing to see visual cues of this as well. Furthermore, the musical brilliance of the show could only be enhanced with a live performance.

As fans, we’re itching to see how the ballroom scene is replayed through Angelica’s narration. For those who haven’t heard the soundtrack, elements of the song “Helpless” are replayed in the next song, called “Satisfied,” and told through another character’s eyes. The musical composition of these two songs are so parallel yet so different in terms of the storyline, that seeing it live will create another dimension of understanding of the characters sentiment. And surely, nothing will be more impressive than watch Daveed Diggs, the man who plays Marquis de Lafayette, rap at a million words per second to “Guns and Ships.”

But there are some things that are rumoured only to be understood by watching. One of these is the notorious bromance between Hamilton, and aristocrat and fellow fighter John Laurens. There are countless reddit threads, and blog posts that support the theory of an alleged romance between the two, and they are only reaffirmed by rumored references to it in the show.

Supposedly a shared embrace, thrusted hips (as seen in many GIFS)  and the one scene that isn’t on the soundtrack, point to something very special between the two revolutionaries. A tumblr post by Miranda himself explained that this scene could only reach its full potential as an undocumented gem. In the same post, he later explains that the importance of Laurens’ presence in the show is making up for his marginalization in history. The fact is up for interpretation by the individual, but only after seeing the show, can one make a fully understood stance, which is why we’re so eager to welcome 2018 although it seems like light years away.

Anxious to see how actually accessible tickets will be, we fans are counting down the days until sale. With a little luck, at least some may have the opportunity to relish in all of the visual, musical, and artistic qualities that make Hamilton truly revolutionary.

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