I’ll Never Grow Up: Kids Activities Made for Adults

I remember being at a gathering at a family friend’s house in middle school. The adults were standing around talking and the kids were at a table coloring. I didn’t fit in with the adults because I was too young to partake in their conversations. The kids were all younger than me; elementary school or younger so I didn’t really fit in with them either. But still, I remember sitting down, taking a coloring book from the middle of the table and beginning color in the first picture I turn to. Then, an adult walked by and told me that coloring was for little kids, but I didn’t understand why. The little kids didn’t even stay in the lines.

I’ve found that this is not only evident in coloring. Similarly to how society often dictates which interests are acceptable due to gender, I’ve often found that I’ve been told I can’t do something because I’m too old. However, much like the adult coloring book craze, a lot of activities that were popular when you were a kid are being remade into something that is “acceptable” for adults.

Bath Bombs

When I was younger, I used to get into the bath with my bubble bath and bath crayons and doodle on the walls as my mom probably attempted to get me clean. However, when I got older, baths became a thing only for relaxing and even then, I never heard of adults taking baths that often. With the growing trend of bath bombs, an invention from Lush that turns your bath into an array of colors and smells, I see people taking pictures of their colorful baths more than ever before. However, bath bombs are a little expensive, so if you enjoy baths there’s no shame in using regular bubble bath.

Escape the Room

Modeled after a series of online games where the objective is to click around a room and find ways to discover clues so that you can escape the room your are trapped in, Escape the Room allows you to go with a group of people and experience this challenge in real life. I always thought that group events like this were only for kids, but since this game puts you in a slightly high pressure situation and requires you to work together, it’s more geared towards adults.

Coloring Books

I grew up thinking that coloring books were only for little kids, even if I thought that they were therapeutic and calming. I got both excited and a little upset when I saw the trend of adult coloring books increasing. I have my own and think they are really fun, but they’re also a little difficult to color in some times because the designs are so intricate. I’ve also realized that maybe a big reason that coloring books are so popular with kids is because they have the time to color and I often find I never have time to sit down and relax and color if I want to destress.

Hula Hoops

I used to hula hoop a lot when I was younger, but the only time I ever saw people hula hooping was at birthday parties or block parties. When I got older I realized that hula hooping is good for exercise and you can get a weighted hula hoop which increases the weight you’re putting around your waist so that it helps burn fat faster.

Alcoholic Desserts

I’ve often seen traditional foods I’ve eaten as a kid being turned into alcoholic beverages for adults. There are alcoholic versions of milkshakes, Jell-O shots, and even Egg Nog. I often remember being around family members and thinking they would be making milkshakes, but they were actually concocting Mudslides that looked no different than a chocolate milkshake to me.

I think the big thing to realize about this trend of having old activities that were stereotypically meant for kids turned into ones for adults is that adults are allowed to have fun too. If you want to use a Spiderman coloring book or play laser tag with your friends, nothing should stop you from having fun the way you want.

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