We’re All in This Together: TV Show Reunions

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on reunions. High school reunions happen as early as five years after graduation, families reunite if they all live in different places and don’t see each other as often, and there are even more informal reunions such as coffee with old friends when you’re all back in town. 

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of reunion shows commemorating various anniversaries or whatnot of TV shows. Full House recently debuted its spin-off series, Fuller House, Gilmore Girls is having a four-part revival miniseries on Netflix, the Friend’s cast reunited to commemorate the 1,000th episode that James Burrows directed in his career and the High School Musical cast reunited to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Let’s reunite with these shows with a breakdown of each reunion.

Full House


When I first heard about Fuller House, I was incredibly excited for it. I remember buying all the Full House DVDs and proudly lining them up on my shelf. I remember watching it before school because it was always on while I was eating breakfast. I didn’t watch it live because it was an older show, but I remember how sad I was when it ended.

Now the cast is back together in the same house but with different stories. While it’s going to be a little strange having the focus be on DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy, I know that the show is still going to have the same family feel that made me fall in love with it in the first place. Fuller House will have Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie living in the old house together to help out recently widowed DJ with her three sons. At first, when rumors were floating around about the show, I heard that most of the older cast members like John Stamos and Bob Saget weren’t going to make appearances, which of course made me a little upset because I felt like it wasn’t a reunion without them. I knew it was supposed to be a different storyline, but that didn’t mean I still wasn’t going to miss Uncle Jesse and Danny. But then I found out that they’re going to make brief appearances, and even Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who haven’t acted since their days as Alex and Nicky, were going to make appearances. And even though it seems like Michelle won’t be making an appearance, they at least gave a nod to her in the trailer which made me incredibly happy.

I watched the pilot of Fuller House and plan on watching the rest while I still have time. I liked it a lot, though at times I thought it got a little reference heavy. It seemed like they were trying to throw as many references to the old show as possible by having each character say their catch phrase, have Steve come back and steal food, have the whole cast sing “Forever” and even go as far to have a side by side clip when they all sang the Flintstones theme song to calm down Tommy, DJ’s son. They put a clip on the left from season one when they did the same thing to calm down Michelle. The theme song started off with the old intro, and then preceded to go into a new version of the song sung by Carly Rae Jepsen with the old cast having their older pictures from the original intro included as well.

I thought the episode itself was funny, including a neurotic son of DJ who was very reminiscent of Danny, and multiple jokes about Donald Trump. I grew up watching this show and I’m excited to see what they do with it in the upcoming episodes.



Friends was another reunion special I was incredibly excited about, until I found out that it wasn’t really a reunion special to commemorate Friends but to celebrate a director, and Matthew Perry wasn’t even going to be there. Since the announcement of Friends came out around the time of Fuller House I assumed we were going to get an actual episode of Friends, not just a reunion with one of the cast members missing as they say scripted things about a director no one at home watching actually knew. I guess “The One that Could Have Been,” the episode where we see what it would be like if the characters were older, was the only Friend’s reunion episode fans will actually get.

High School Musical


I remember sitting in my basement when I was in Middle School, yelling out the lyrics to “We’re All in This Together” while trying to copy the moves that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were doing on the screen. My brother and I even dressed up as Sharpay and Ryan for Halloween when I was in seventh grade.

What struck me about what I saw from the High School Musical (HSM) reunion as compared to the Friends one is that the HSM cast (minus Zac Efron, unfortunately) seemed more concerned with their fans. They talked about how surreal it was to have fans come up to them saying that they had the courage to take up new interests or start singing because of the movies, and Corbin Bleu mentioned how a lot of fans said to him, “You were my childhood.” I fully realized how much of an impact HSM had on our generation when Corbin Bleu was on Dancing with the Stars, and a bunch of people on social media kept joking about how they thought he didn’t dance.

Gilmore Girls


There’s going to be a four-part Gilmore Girls series revival on Netflix and I have heard that almost all of the major characters are signed to make appearances except for Melissa McCarthy. Also, Amy Sherman Palladio, who was the original writer, is going to come back to write the reunion specials. I am not as connected with Gilmore Girls as I am with the other shows, but it’s still exciting to hear news about its revival.

Whether you like these shows or not, it’s always exciting to see old characters come back with more stories and conflicts for us to follow along to. While this is just a small list of a few reunion shows I’ve heard about recently, I’ve heard rumors of other revivals as well. Maybe even if these shows aren’t your favorite, you’ll find a TV reunion of your own to attend one day.

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