Perks of Seeing a Movie the First Night

It was 7:00 on a Friday night. We were sitting among a crowd of people against the wall, anxiously waiting for them to let us in. We had been sitting there for an hour already, and were already halfway through the tub of popcorn we bought to share. It was the first night that Catching Fire was playing in theaters and I went with all of my friends to see it the first chance we got.

I used to not care when I saw a movie, but recently I’ve started wanting to see movies as soon as they come out. When I was little, my parents used to avoid seeing movies on the first night because they didn’t want it to be too crowded. That habit worked its way into my life when I got older and I barely ever saw movies even the opening weekend. Then, when I got to high school and friends started to make plans with me to see movies on the first night, it was just for movies I had been waiting to see for a long time. However, as I continued this trend and began seeing movies I didn’t even care for on the first night. I started to wonder if there was a reason I liked seeing movies the first night, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who can relate to me with these reasons.

Less Spoilers

There’s nothing worse than wanting to see a movie, only to have someone blurt out what ended up happening. This is especially hard on the internet, where it’s so easy to click a link and accidentally find out the ending to something. The earlier I see a movie, especially one that I really care about and don’t want to be spoiled, the easier it is to avoid spoilers. People tend to be more conscious about spoiling things the first week a movie comes out, but after a certain amount of time, people assume everyone has seen the movie and spoilers surface more frequently. If you really care about spoilers, the earlier you see a movie the better.

More Exciting

When you see a movie in the opening weekend there’s more hype around it. The theaters are more crowded and there are promotions everywhere for the movie. There’s just something exciting about going to a movie theater and seeing a bunch of people there for the same movie. The Great Gatsby came out the night of my Junior prom, so after prom was over I went with a big group of my friends to the movie in our prom clothes. That added to the feel of the movie and overall it was a lot of fun. It was ridiculously crowded too, so we had to sit in the second row. Some people might think it’s annoying to be in such a crowded theater, but sometimes it’s a lot of fun because people make really funny comments or get really excited for the movie.

Opportunities to Meet People

I’ve met some crazy people on the first nights of movies. My freshman year of college, I went home for Columbus Day weekend. That weekend there was a One Direction concert movie coming out, so I was able to see it with a few of my friends from home who also love One Direction. We knew it would be crowded, so we got there about two hours early and sat on a line in the corner of the theater until they let us go in. We struck up conversations with a lot of people around us and ended up playing games and sharing stories to entertain ourselves. A lot of curious movie goers ended up asking us what we were waiting in line for, so after a while we got fed up and told them we were waiting for Fifty Shades of Grey, which wasn’t due out until February. That earned us a lot of weird looks and at one point we got kind of loud and the workers threatened to kick us out. It was a fun experience and it’s definitely a memory that stands out to me when I think about going to the movies.

More Motivation

A lot of times, unless I go within the first few days, I lose all motivation to go and just end up saying I’ll buy the DVD instead. Of course, it also depends if friends want to go with me and when they’re willing to go. For some reason it’s more appealing to go within the first weekend to see a movie. Also, once it’s out of the theater you have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD, so unless you see a movie while it’s in theaters, you’re probably going to end up waiting a lot longer before you see the movie.


Sometimes when I’ve gone to movies or TV shows the first night, they’ve given away posters or bracelets. When a few of my friends went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron they were given posters at the movie theater they went to. Some movie theaters even have special cups or snack boxes that advertise the movie on it. If it’s a movie that you really enjoy, sometimes it’s worth going the first night to see if they give anything away.

Writing Opportunities

This is more focused on myself as well as others who tend to write reviews about movies. When writing a movie review, it basically becomes irrelevant after a week or two. If there’s a movie I know I want to write a review about, I know I have to go within the first week before people stop caring about it.

There are plenty of reasons to go to the movies the first night, whether it’s one of these, or something totally different, sometimes you can’t beat seeing that movie the first day it comes out.

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