Big Brother Season Finale

At the beginning of the summer I wrote a blog post about the season premiere of Big Brother. Now that summer has ended and school has started, it’s time for Big Brother to come to an end.

This season of Big Brother certainly ended up being the unexpected. I was more into it than I have been with previous seasons of the show. I feel like this season had a better cast than a lot of seasons have had previously. A lot of times, Big Brother tends to cast the same archetypes: the attractive jock, the pretty blonde girl, the smart nerdy guy, and so on.

Of course, there was that this season, but there were also a few cast members who were very different than what we’ve normally seen on the show. One of those was James Huling, who dubbed himself “the hillbilly Asian” because even though he was raised in the South, people look at him and would not expect him to have a Southern accent. Huling entertained both the houseguests and the viewers by playing pranks and scaring the houseguests. James was evicted eleventh, and won the title of “America’s Favorite Player” which is a poll where America awards their favorite player $25,000.

Another houseguest who surprised me was Audrey Middleton, who from the beginning introduced herself as “the first transgender contestant” on Big Brother. Not only was I interested in her story, but I was also rooting for her as a player until she played too hard the first few weeks and got evicted fourth. While Big Brother is a game, sometimes the best strategy is to lay low the first few weeks because the loudest ones always make themselves early targets. Middleton made this mistake which ultimately led to her eviction.

Liz Nolan surprised me as well when it was revealed that she was part of the twin twist. She and her twin sister, Julia, spent the first five weeks switching in and out of the house. If they made it five weeks switching back and forth without getting evicted, Julia would be able to go into the house to play on her own. They got a lot farther than I would have ever thought. Julia placed sixth, and Liz placed second earning her the $50,000 grand prize.

Two other houseguests who surprised me were Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon. They were part of the twist where they came into the house together. They were both on the last season of The Amazing Race as one of the blind date couples, so they became an early threat to the other houseguests because they already knew each other. I liked them on The Amazing Race, but I didn’t know much about them personally. On Big Brother, the viewers get to learn more about the houseguests because the show goes on for an entire summer. I learned more about them and it was fun to see Ibarra play the game. Her eviction was a blindside but she was a total class act about it which is part of the reason I liked her so much.

All the other houseguests surprised me in different ways, but the one who surprised me the most was John McGuire. I usually pick a few favorites in the first episode or two based on gameplay and personality. However, I thought McGuire was weird and annoying until about the fourth episode. Granted, he didn’t get a lot of screen time at first, but when he did, he yelled a lot and I didn’t think I would ever like him. Then, as the drama started to unfold in the house, he laid low and made funny comments and I started to root for him. I wasn’t the only one who had this experience. I sometimes live blog or live tweet tv shows, and whenever I did this for Big Brother I noticed he had gained quite the following. Over the summer, his official Twitter account which was run by his friend, amassed 93,000 followers. He was at the top of a lot of the fan favorite polls, and continued to win over the hearts of many of the viewers week after week.

At first, he was nominated a lot and I just hoped he would make it to the end of the week. Then, as the numbers in the house started to dwindle, I began to have hope that he would win. Finally, he made it to the final four, with Liz Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, and Steve Moses. I had a feeling he was going to be evicted, and he was, but I was still disappointed.

With McGuire out of the house, I didn’t really know who to root for going into the finale. I didn’t totally agree with some of the moves Rousso made throughout the summer, but I knew she had played the best game. A lot of people didn’t think she deserved to win because she’s a millionaire professional poker player (the houseguests didn’t know that), but she had the best game play. Unfortunately, Steve Moses made the smart move and brought Nolan to the final two over her because he knew he would have a better chance that way. I liked Moses as a person and thought he got a lot of unnecessary hate from people on the internet, but I would have rather seen Rousso win out of that final three. Other than that, I successfully spent yet another summer having my life ruined by my show, and can’t wait to do it again next summer.

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