Style Bloggers: Who’s Really Behind Their Photos?

Recently, style blogging has become incredibly popular and there’s no end in sight! There are a lot of fashion lovers who have become famous or rich through blogging. Some of the most well known bloggers are Chiara Ferregani, Nicole Warne and Kristina Bazan. It is interesting to look at the great photos posted by these fashion stars, but have you ever thought about who took those pictures? Although each of them comes from a completely different background and possesses a unique sense of style, there is one thing they all have in common: they all have amazing photographers behind them and most of them happen to be their boyfriends.

In my opinion, the best photographer of the three bloggers I mentioned is the Australian style blogger, Nicole Warne. Her clothes are very colorful but there is always a sense of togetherness. In her pictures, her outfit is always balanced well with the background. Since she grew up in Australia which it’s surrounded by the ocean, she has a lot of beautiful photos of her under the sea. In one of my favorite photos of her, she is under very blue and clear water, with her dress was flowing along with a wave so thin that it looks like part of the sea. She is gently moving her body like she is a mermaid. The whole picture looks so unreal but so harmonized.

The person who can always capture the unique beauty of Nicole is Luke Shadbolt, her photographer, business partner and boyfriend. Nicole explains in her blog, Gary Pepper, that it was Luke who helped her started her own online store and blog. She writes,”Gary Pepper wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for Luke and his on going love.” It is easy to see how instrumental Luke was to the development of her blogging career. Not only did he help her start the blog, but he has also taken on the important role of transferring Nicole’s beauty and style to an audience. It seems that when the photographer deeply understands the model’s beauty, he can make the audience understand it too.

Another person who has had a similar experience is Kristina Bazan, a style blogger from Switzerland. She is one of the few that has achieved this amount of success at such a young age. She was only 18-years-old when she first started her blog with her boyfriend, James Chardon, who is also a photographer. James can always find Kristina’s best angle. Through his lense, she has a certain atmosphere around her that makes her delicate and perfect. Again, this shows how important it is for a fashion blogger to have a boyfriend photographer who can always see the best in her through his camera.

I’ve saved the the best for the last: Italian style blogger, Chiara Ferregani, whose photographer story is a little more dramatic, because she has two. When she first started her blog, she was dating photographer Riccardo Pozzoli. They dated for a long time and they even had a cute dog together named Matilda. Unfortunately, they broke up but have remained friends, and Riccardo still works on Chiara’s team to help her with the blog. Now, Chiara is dating photographer, Andrew Arthur. No matter how many times her photographer changes, she has still kept her high standing in style blogging arena.

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