Movie Review: Minions

Warning: contains mild spoilers!

I saw Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 and liked them both. I thought the plot was funny and cute and I found the Minions to be absolutely adorable. Around the time the second one came out, I had a feeling that a Minions movie would be the next thing to be released in this franchise. Almost all of the merchandise connected with Despicable Me was Minion related and people were going absolutely crazy for the little yellow creatures.

I thought the movie was really cute. It was a little dumb at times, but come on, it’s a movie about little yellow things that work for evil villains, even though they couldn’t be any less evil, and barely speak English. Bob, the little Minion with the multi-colored eyes who carries around a teddy bear named Tim, was my favorite character. He was enthusiastic, sweet, innocent and just completely funny.

The other two main Minions, Stuart and Kevin, were great too. Kevin was willing to do anything for the rest of his tribe of Minions. He was loyal and smart and basically the leader of the small band of Minions. Stuart didn’t seem to have too many unique personality traits, but he was sweet and his love of ukuleles immediately brought Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots to mind.

I even had a hard time hating the villains. Scarlet Overkill had a backstory that made her sympathetic enough. It was almost hard to be upset with her over her crazy actions. She just wanted a crown because she built her villainous career up from nothing. She spoke about how she was abandoned as a child and just wanted the Queen of England’s crown to feel worth something. She was also completely in love with her husband, Herb, which was pretty nice to see. Movies never really show villains in love; they just show them hurting. Since the Minions were looking for a villain to work for, she was actually the good guy for most of the movie, and only became the enemy when Bob became the king and she felt completely betrayed.

Since this movie was a prequel, all of these events happened before they met their current boss, Gru. I liked the idea of making a Minion movie as a prequel because it gave them a story that was completely separate from Gru’s timeline. I also liked how they brought in Gru at the end as a young boy who stole the Queen’s crown from Scarlet, making him the superior villain. I even liked how they put Dr. Nefario in the plot earlier to further tie in how everyone connects.

Overall, I thought this was a fun movie for everyone to enjoy and if you enjoyed the first two movies, I recommend it. However, since it is a prequel, you do not need to see the other movies to enjoy this one.

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