The Perks of Letter Writing

When I started college, I started writing letters more and more. I had always enjoyed writing birthday cards or notes to my friends when I thought they needed to be cheered up, but those were always passed out in person because I never had a reason to send them. Once I went to college, though, I started writing letters even more because it was exciting to me that I could put a stamp on something and send it. As outdated as letter writing seems, I really enjoy it and want to share a few perks of letter writing.

1. Nostalgia

Even though people my age probably don’t remember sending letters as much as our parents and grandparents do, we still grew up in an age where letter writing was slightly popular. It’s fun to write letters and be taken back to a time before everything was so fast paced and everyone expected an instant response.

2. A Great Way to Connect

You always hear stories about parents and grandparents trying to use technology so they can connect with their grandkids, but have you ever heard stories of grandkids writing letters to connect with their grandparents? Probably not, because that’s just not “cool.” I once got into a conversation with my grandmother about how I write letters to my friends and to pen pals and now we correspond. She sends me photos of herself and her family when she was younger and it’s a fun way to get to know her better.

3. A Way to Meet New People

I’ve seen websites and Tumblr pages dedicated entirely to finding pen pals. Some of these people look for electronic correspondence, but most are looking to write letters. These websites post bios of people looking for pen pals with things like where they’re from and their interests, and people can visit these websites and find people to correspond with. It’s a way to meet new people and find someone who has interests similar to yours.

4. A Possible Connection With Yourself

When I was in eighth grade, I had a health assignment to write a letter to my future self. The health teacher took our addresses and sent our letters to us when we graduated high school. My english teacher did the same thing when I was a senior and sent our letters to us when we finished our first year of college. I now plan on continuing this and writing myself a letter every year so that I can open it at the end of the next school year. It’s very cool to see how you’ve grown, but also what still stays the same. I’ve noticed that in five years, I’ve grown up, but a lot of my morals that were good are still the same.

5. A Creative Outlet

I’m a very creative person and I’ve always enjoyed immersing myself in creative projects to express myself. Writing letters is fun because it’s a way to express myself and be creative. I write in different colors or use different colored paper and stickers to make the letter unique to whomever I’m sending it to.

6. A New Hobby

Letter writing is definitely a hobby and I enjoy it very much. It’s a whole process. I collect different note cards and patterned paper to write on, and I make sure I have the pens I like to write my letters. Everyone has a different way of writing letters. Some people buy pretty stationery, some make their own, and some prefer to just write on blank or lined paper. There’s nothing more satisfying in my opinion than writing someone a letter that makes them smile and then receiving a reply that makes you smile as well. It’s very exciting to receive letters.

7. It’s Personal

I’m a writer, so I will always be better with the written word than the spoken word. All my friends and family know that if I write a card or letter then it’s something very special and personal. I never say anything I don’t mean in my letters and it’s my way to let people know how much they mean to me or how special they are. At least in my mind, there’s something uniquely special about writing a letter that you can’t get in any other medium.

8. A Different Writing Style

I try to be a Jack of All Trades when it comes to writing styles. I try to step away from just writing fiction and dabble in all different writing styles. I consider letter writing to be its own writing style. There’s something completely different about the language you use and the approach you take when you write letters. I like writing letters because I feel like it’s another way to broaden my horizons as a writer.

9. Makes People Happy

I love writing letters because I know how happy it makes the people who receive them. Sometimes I just send my friends letters without them knowing because I like seeing their reaction when they receive it. It makes me feel good to know that something I like to do can make other people happy.

10. A Break from Technology

When I write letters it’s a welcome break from technology. I sit down with my papers and pens and craft something that is unique and beautiful. It’s nice to take a break from the fast-paced world of emails, texts and emojis for a while and write an old-fashioned letter.

Letter writing is a big hobby of mine and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t already do it. You don’t have to be an amazing writer or have fancy supplies. Just find a friend or family member and ask them to correspond. I’m sure they’ll be happy to do it. Through my letter writing, I inspired a few of my friends to take up letter writing with pen pals of their own and it makes me happy to know I can influence others to take up a hobby I’ve come to love so much.

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