Date Ideas to Spark Up Your Summer


The summer is a perfect time for fun dates. So many opportunities arise that couples just can’t do during the chillier months. Especially after a long year of classes and work, the summer months allow couples to reignite the spark that may have been lost during the year by going out and taking advantage of these special activities. The ability to create the most memories is important during these sweltering hot days, and there are so many adventures that can help create them, so why not spend it with the one you love?

Whether you have been in your relationship for a long time or are just starting one, here are some fun date ideas to inspire your summer spark.

1. Have A Picnic

Between our phones and computers, there seems to be hardly any time spent with your significant other or love interest without looking at a screen. Having a picnic allows you to change timgreshis. Buy some sandwiches, fruit and wine and put a blanket in your car. Either plan the picnic with your lover or surprise them! The most important part about the picnic (besides the food) is probably the location. You want to find a place that is calm and beautiful, and preferably in nature. Of course, this is “weather allowing,” so be sure to check your local weather station before you leave the house for the day. Besides the romantic scenery and having the chance to just be with your date, it also allows you to talk about the real stuff. It will most likely be a fun memory that you and your “person” will share, and will also give both of you a chance to find out more about one another no matter how long or short you have been dating.

2. Dress Up

After high school, there aren’t many times that one gets to dress up. Think about it, you have formals,
imagessoph hop, homecoming, junior prom and then senior prom. In college, you pretty much have an occasional formal, but it just doesn’t feel the same as they did in high school. Plan a date night that gives you and your boyfriend or girlfriend the chance to “clean up.” Take them to a nice dinner at a restaurant that you have both been meaning to try, or even one that neither of you had a clue about! Besides the fact that it’s always nice to see your significant other looking their absolute best, the formality of it all helps to bring back those “first date” butterflies, and makes you realize how lucky you truly are to have that other person in your life. It sounds too cliché, I know, but it’s true.

3. Berry Picking

images-1Like most dates, this one requires a bit of research. First comes first, you need to find a farm that grows berries. Secondly, you need to find one that is in a reasonable range from where you live. So what is berry picking?  It’s pretty much the summer version of apple picking in the fall. At the farm near me, you pay a set price, depending on what kind of fruit you are picking and then take a basket and go off to your berry picking adventures. Some farms will make you pay at the end, weighing the amount of fruit you have picked, so be wary. As silly as it sounds, as a date, it can be fun. It definitely mixes things up, and can be made into a really fun day. The best thing about the date is that the farm will most likely have a ton of property to roam on which is scenically beautiful. There shouldn’t be a dull moment in the day. You can even make a competition out of it with your date by seeing who can pick the most berries. I know, it sounds nerdy, but it is probably what will happen. (Don’t judge!)

4. Drive-in Movie

Drive-ins are pretty hard to find and tend to be located in more suburban or “in the middle of Elm_Road_Drive-In_Theatrenowhere” areas. The closest one to me is about an hour away (with no traffic). However, if you look hard enough, you should be able to find one. Usually, they are much cheaper than a normal modern day movie theater and also show two movies for the price of one. Most drive-ins also provide food in order to gain funds to keep the outdoor theater open. Because of this, they tend to be pretty strict about bringing in outside food, so be sure to check with the theater before bringing a whole dinner into the screening areas with you. The one downside is that you have to have a car to not only get there, but also watch the movie. Usually, the theater will have a radio station which provides the sound for your film. So it’s pretty easy if you have a car to use, but if not, you can’t really go. Overall, the drive-in is really romantic. It makes you feel more intimate with your date than if you were stuck in a crowded theater, and also allows you to cuddle up and watch the stars. Just one fair warning – don’t forget the bug spray!

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