Expect the Unexpected with Big Brother

I’ve watched Big Brother for a few years now and if I’ve learned one thing about the show, it’s this: expect the unexpected.

The show is hosted by Julie Chen and the premise is pretty simple. The contestants of the show are locked in a house for the summer with no connection to the outside world. They compete every week to rise to power as “the Head of Household” who, in turn, picks the nominees that week. There are competitions where the nominees fight to save themselves and, if they win, they can choose to take themselves off the chopping block and then “the Head of Household” has to nominate someone new. Then, the house guests vote to determine who is evicted and the game repeats until there is a winner.

It sounds simple but it’s far from it. There are always twists and alliances that are formed that usually end up blowing up in the contestants’ faces and back firing. Each season always seems to have more twists and this season is no different. There are three major twists this season. The first is a recurring twist from last season called “the Battle of the Block.” Instead of one “Head of Household,” there are two. Both “Heads of Household” nominate their own two nominees. Then there’s a “Battle of the Block” competition where the four nominees compete for safety. The two nominees who win dethrone their “Head of Household” and get off the chopping block.

The second twist is “the Twin Twist” which was done back in season five. One of the house guests (though it has not been revealed who it is yet) has an identical twin. For the first five weeks, this house guest and their twin will be switching on and off in the Big Brother house. They are to play the game as one player. If they get through the first five weeks, the twin gets to the enter the house and play his or her separate game.

The third twist is called “BB Takeover” and it involves one of my favorite shows, the Amazing Race. (My previous articles about the show can be found here and here.) After all the house guests entered the house, they noticed there were two empty seats at the dining room table which meant one thing: two more house guests. Julie Chen was joined outside the house with Phil Keoghan, the host of the Amazing Race. In the past, there have been contestants on Big Brother who then went on to become contestants on the Amazing Race. Keoghan then decided it was only fair that two contestants from his show now join the Big Brother cast. Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra, the only blind dating couple from this past season of the Amazing Race who said they would actually consider pursuing a romantic relationship after “the Race,” entered the Big Brother house as the remaining two contestants.

It’s a very interesting mix this summer. There’s a secret twin, two contestants from the Amazing Race, the show’s first ever transgender person and a professional wrestler. I guess it’s safe to say that this season both the house guests and the viewers need to expect the unexpected.

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