Broad City: The Best of the Web Series

While “Broad City” is on hiatus until their third season, there are still ways you can get your Abbi and Ilana fix on. Before “Broad City” was the best show on television, it was a web series about two friends living in New York. Created in 2009, by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the videos were centered around their city escapades, filled with the off-beat humor that makes the pair stand out. The series lasted for two years until Executive Producer Amy Poehler picked it up as a show. Since then their chemistry has seamlessly translated from YouTube to Comedy Central, with the only change being the quality of the camera.

In order to get a better appreciation of the magical friendship and feminism that make “Broad City,” let’s take a trip down memory lane with some of their best webisodes.

Drummer Girls

Everyone’s gotta make a buck living in the big city somehow, right? This short perfectly encapsulates the kind of wacky sense of humor both Abbi and Ilana share, while also demonstrating how the city is their stage. The same street performing bit would later be used in the show. Come for the bow ties and old-timey announcer voices, stay for the second-hand embarrassment that ensues.


A perfect example of the duo’s many shenanigans to save money. When the pair find out their friend has a washer and dryer, Ilana takes things to the next level, while also saving a load of money. I’m not afraid to admit that I would consider doing this.

Valentines Day

Paired to the quintessential New York tune “Rhapsody in Blue,” the girls enjoy the rom-com montage treatment as they spend a charming day together. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “Galentines Day,” which would make EP Amy Poehler proud.


Responding to a guy’s text is a time-consuming quandary any modern woman can relate to, one that often requires the assistance of a friend. VChat showcases how Abbi and Ilana’s characters differentiate on certain topics, especially romantic relationships. There are quality reactions and soundbites from each character. The video chat conversations later turned into a mini-series called “Hack into Broad City,” which are available here. 

Instant Karma

Abbi and Illana partake in one of the great NYC activities of people watching. It’s hard to tell if this is scripted, improvised or just saying what they see in real time.  Like many of their episodes, you have to wait until the end.

EXTRA: A glorious result of this episode is a looped version of Ilana making a chewbecca noise.

Broad City: I Heart New York

The best grand finale that any web series has ever had, probably. Abbi and Ilana take a run through the city, meeting New York’s colorful cast of street characters on their journey. It’s a testament to the uniqueness of the show; who knew you could incorporate death by oranges and mad basketball skills in the same storyline?

It’s important to note that these are a few of the webisodes you should watch, but all 25 episodes are worth a mini-marathon. Until then, we can all rest happy knowing new episodes of “Broad City” will be back in 2016.

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