Television Goodbyes and Hellos

Television is one of those things I both love and hate. Sometimes I can get so invested in a show and its characters, it almost seems real. As each season comes to an end, I’m left feeling relieved and anxious for the next, but with the invention of the DVR and Netflix, I can get caught up on any episodes I missed or re-watch shows that I loved in the past. Now that summer has arrived, television networks are lining up the shows that they’re renewing and throwing away for the fall season. As I reviewed this list, I was outraged by some of the shows they cancelled, but also overjoyed that they kept some of my favorites.

If you haven’t heard by now, I apologize for dropping this revelation: FOX has cancelled “The Mindy Project.” When I heard this, I wanted to cry. Season 3 ended with a cliffhanger. Mindy is pregnant and Danny appeared on Mindy’s parents’ doorstep to introduce himself. Viewers are left wondering whether Danny and Mindy will ever get married and the fate of Mindy’s new fertility practice. As I wondered why a show that many of my friends and I watched got cancelled, I remembered that the first and second seasons had relatively low ratings. “The Mindy Project” also had to compete with several other big hitting shows, like “New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” However, all is not lost. Hulu has picked up “The Mindy Project” for another 26 episodes. While Hulu has not set a premiere date yet, I’m excited to see where they’ll take the show.

On another sad note for FOX, “American Idol”’s upcoming 15th season will be its last. For me, “American Idol” brings up many nostalgic memories. This is a show that I grew up with. It was one of the first singing competition shows that I watched and one I watched with my mom, who let my stay up later on these nights to see and hear competitors sing. “American Idol” also discovered some of my favorite artists: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, to name two. Although it is sad to see the program go, it isn’t very surprising. The show has had a long run, transitioned between numerous celebrity judges and churned out quality entertainment. I’m sure this last season will end on a high note.

Nevertheless, let’s not dwell on the departed, but remember those that are staying. There are a whole host of drama-filled, laughter-ridden, mystery-laden, action-packed television programs that will be gracing TVs with new episodes. Old favorites such as “Modern Family” and “Criminal Minds” are returning to the screen alongside shows with extremely successful first seasons. “How to Get Away with Murder” is one and “iZombie,” which is currently airing its first season, another. (Click on the links to read a season finale review of “How to Get Away with Murder” and pilot review of “iZombie” on Atlas Online.) Others programs that are dominating primetime television include the increasingly popular superhero action/adventures, “The Flash,” “Arrow” and Marvel’s “Agent Carter.” Similarly, Netflix has started airing Marvel’s “Daredevil.”

With all of these returning shows to look forward to in the fall, I would imagine nights are pretty booked, but there are several new shows that are premiering. CBS is releasing “Supergirl”—one of only female-driven superhero television shows to be produced; Marvel’s “Agent Carter” on ABC is the other—in November. NBC is resurrecting “Heroes,” a show about ordinary people who learn that they have extraordinary abilities, in the spin-off series “Heroes Reborn”, while “the Real O’Neals” is airing on ABC. This show is based off Dan Savage’s childhood. Savage is gay journalist known for his popular and controversial writings.

As I watch trailers for the new seasons of television, I’m becoming more and more excited. Even though television may be losing some well-loved shows, it’s also renewing many favorites. I can already picture my return to college. I’ll set up my dorm room, prepare for classes and then gather in a common room with friends to watch our favorite shows. They’ll be nights filled with laughter, anticipation, gasps of shock and discussions about characters and plot. Fall television can’t come soon enough!

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