How to Make Cash Fast This Summer

                   Money During the school year, students are faced with homework, extracurricular activities, everyday jobs and parties. So once that is all over and summer comes along, what happens? Going home is always beneficial, as it allows you to escape the grueling dining hall food, but what about making money? Often times, summer jobs fail to pay as much as we need in order to survive the upcoming year.

The amount in our bank accounts would only rise if we saved every cent of our paycheck; however, it is the season of fun and relaxation, of no worries. So in order to save the money from our summer jobs, we have to have a way of making extra pocket cash for times during the summer that we will spend money frivolously. There are numerous ways in which one can creatively and effectively make money when working another job, or even without one.

1. MindSumo

MindSumo is a website that pays people for writing ideas and concepts for different companies. When you first sign up, they automatically give you $25. After this, there are various ways including inviting friends, sending an idea in to your first company, and signing up with a referral number that will automatically give you some more cash! The first cash out, which is to PayPal, has to be $100. After this, however, you can cash out every $25.

The website presents different challenges every day. These can vary from sending an idea into a food company for a new product to a new marketing strategy for a major company. After submitting your first challenge, you will receive $15. Once you finish your first challenge, however, you can only get money from the challenges by winning them. At the bottom of each challenge it tells how much money can be earned and how many days are left in it. Overall, this is a cool and fun way to make cash over the summer and keep your critical thinking going after school is over.

My referral code (which will give you extra cash) is AN141D2C.

2. has come a long way from when they first debuted their first commercials a couple of years ago. Their community has grown tremendously, which benefits you as the employee. Signing up for is pretty easy, no credit cards are necessary, and you have the option of a free account. The free account is still just as beneficial as the paid account, the only main difference that would effect you being hired is that the employees cannot send you a message first. In other words, you have to reach out to them through the job posts and listings on the website. This is still very easy, as most of the employers ask for applications.

There are multiple jobs that one can be experienced in to be a part of Under childcare, there are tutoring, nannying, special needs and babysitting jobs. Some of these are part time positions and the others are full time. There are also jobs in senior, pet, home and military family categories.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a go-to online retail store for many of us. It is filled with fun, new, vintage and creative products that come from small businesses. Personally, I have bought many things from Etsy just because of the quality. There are, of course, frauds just like there are on any website, but looking at the product reviews given by other customers can give you a pretty good idea of who you are dealing with. So how could you make money through Etsy? Be creative, make a good product that you think will sell. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or intricate. You can make hair ribbons, headbands, and jewelry. You could even set up a retail store that sells all of the clothes that you no longer wear. I don’t have an Etsy account myself, but mostly because I haven’t gotten around to it; however, its a simple way to make some fast money, especially if your crafty or have a lot of things to get rid of in your house that are still in relatively good shape.

4. SwagBucks

SwagBucks (SB) is similar to MindSumo, in that it rewards you with money for doing certain challenges. In this case, it requires a lot less brain energy. Much like with MindSumo, you can earn a lot of startup cash just by signing up. For example, you already have six swagbucks when you create your username and password.  In order to gain swagbucks, there are games, surveys, and even a search engine that can be used.

Of course, making basically free money online is not always easy. This will take time, and you have to earn a cSwagBucks onsiderable amount of swagbucks in order to cash out for rewards. For example, a $5 Walmart giftcard reward costs 420 SB. While this does seem like a lot to earn, the good news is that there is no wait or timeline for you to gain your SB. You can complete as many surveys and games as you like. The only downfall is the amount of time you might have to complete them. Another con about this website is that a lot of the largely rewarding games and surveys that you can complete request a sign up for their website. This can be okay for an organized person, but if it is only a free trial for a week and then makes you pay afterwards, and you forget to cancel the membership, your losing a lot of money.

Overall, SwagBucks is a very time consuming website. However, if your dedicated enough and participate in it for about an hour a day, you could come out with a couple of pretty nice awards.

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5. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet has been around for awhile. They always have commercials on radios bragging about how great their thrift stores are. If you haven’t heard of it, the store is a huge thrift shop that bases itself around teenage and adolescent gently used clothing. It’s almost like a teenage version of T.J Maxx. There are multiple locations of the store, but they do tend to be a little out of the way for daily life. For example, I live in Philadelphia. You would think that there would be a Plato’s Closet in the city, but the closest one is 30 to 45 minutes away. In other words, don’t expect this to be a short trip.

Not only can you buy clothes at a cheaper cost, but you can also sell them. So when cleaning out your closet, take a second to realize the brand names on your clothes and how much you wore them. Whichever ones look relatively new and are well known brand names can be taken to the store. Unfortunately, I have heard that store clerks tend to be picky about what they accept and decline in the clothes pile that you bring, but if you have a lot of good looking pieces, you could be welcoming some well-desired cash in your wallet. The “buyers,” as themselves call them on their website, also look at the style and current stock levels in the store. So if you are trying to give them an skirt from Abercrombie that you bought three years ago, it might not make the cut.

Do you know of other ways to make cash fast this summer? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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