Leonardo DiCapri-no: Theories About His Non-Existant Oscar

Whenever there’s talk about the Oscars, there’s surely going to be talk about who has and hasn’t won an Oscar and who did or didn’t deserve to win. That topic, I have found, almost always brings up the same person: Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio has had five Oscar nominations: Best Supporting Actor for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Best Actor for The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and The Wolf of Wall Street, and Best Picture (as producer) for The Wolf of Wall Street. He has yet to win an Oscar.

I have trouble grasping all of the attention Leo gets for having not won an Oscar. I think he’s a great actor, and I absolutely think he deserves it. However, there’s probably a good reason he has not won yet. The film industry is an incredibly competitive industry with many good actors, and I’m sure Leo himself also understands that. I feel like the people DiCaprio lost to were extremely deserving of these Oscars. I’m sure Leo respects them for their work, and he probably doesn’t even care that he hasn’t won an Oscar.

In an interview, Leo was asked how much he wants to win the Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street. His response was, “You have absolutely no control of that. I’ve done many movies with the greatest intentions and they didn’t get very well received, and on the other end of the spectrum there’s films that have been very free form that have gotten a lot of attention.” He might care a little bit, but I don’t think it’s to the magnitude that everyone else brings it to. Leo is a very successful actor and I’m sure he’s perfectly proud of the work he’s done. I don’t believe he needs an Oscar as proof that he’s successful.

A huge question that always burns in the back of my mind when someone brings up Leonardo DiCaprio and his nonexistent Oscar is, why Leo? There are plenty of actors who have not won Oscars and no one talks about them. Actually, it wasn’t until I looked up which actors haven’t won Oscars that I realized plenty of actors, whom I had just assumed won Oscars by now, actually hadn’t.

There were quite a few actors on the lists I found, and I’m sure there are plenty more who deserve them but were not on the lists. Among them are Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Bill Murray, Brad Pitt, Glenn Close, John Travolta, and Amy Adams. I find it strange that while all of these people are very successful and deserving actors, none of them get the attention that DiCaprio does.

One theory I have involves the age group. I’m not sure how widespread the group of people who complain about Leonardo DiCaprio’s lack of Oscars is, but I’ve seen a lot of people complaining on Tumblr. I don’t want to assume that Tumblr users are the only ones upset about this. However,  for this theory I’m going to assume that many of those who make up that group are Tumblr users. Generally, Tumblr users are mainly girls in their teens to early twenties. That being said, a lot of these stereotypical Tumblr users have grown up with Leonardo DiCaprio. They have seen him as Romeo, Jack Dawson, Calvin Candie, Jay Gatsby, and Jordan Belfort. I’m starting to think that a large part of the reason people are so upset is because they have grown up with him, and when they think of actors who deserve Oscars, they think of Leo.

Obviously, I can’t be completely sure that my theory is correct, but a large part of it is just speculation, so I can try to understand why people are upset about DiCaprio specifically. I may not completely  know why they chose Leo, but hopefully he will win an Oscar soon — and then people can find another actor to be upset for.


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