Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

I had many mixed emotions about going to see Mockingjay. I was primarily excited. I love The Hunger Games and I pre-ordered my ticket weeks in advance. I even watched the first two movies in a row so that I could refresh my memory before the movie. However, I also felt anxious. I read the book, so I knew that it wasn’t my favorite one of the trilogy and I still couldn’t completely come to terms with the way Suzanne Collins decided to wrap it up. I thought the book was rushed and not as well executed as the other two. I was afraid the movie was going to be disappointing or just too emotional for me to handle.

The movie exceeded my expectations. While there was less action than the other two movies due to the fact that there weren’t any “games,” it still kept me at the edge of my seat. All of the actors were able to bring their characters to life. The movie was was also crushing. It was the first time that the audience could really see just how much “the games” had affected all of the characters. They were all broken, both physically and emotionally, and that’s part of what made it so real.

I was extremely happy with how the movie turned out and I’m excited to see how part two is going to unfold next year. I think the cast of The Hunger Games has consistently been able to bring something to these stories that goes beyond the books. That’s part of what makes these movies so enjoyable to watch.

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