Candy For All

When I was a kid, fall was my absolute favorite. Of course I loved Christmas in the winter, my birthday in the spring and the never ending playfulness of summer, but something about fall air always energized my young mind. Some of my most heartwarming childhood memories are from brisk Halloweens where I would play in the leaves until I exhausted myself, only to get all dressed up like Snow White to solicit chocolate from my sweet elderly neighbors.

When you’re a kid, Halloween is a time of endless possibilities. Costume choices were abundant, the word “diet” was something you didn’t even really know the meaning of and the scariest possibility of the night was that a neighbor might jump out at you from behind the bushes.

Unfortunately, as we get older we become all too aware that many costume choices are uncomfortable or inappropriate; guilt may now come with eating that extra Kit Kat and the frightening monsters of our childhood have nothing in comparison to the horrific actions of actual human beings. With all that being said, there is still hope for Halloween to be the wonderful holiday it was meant to be.

How can you recapture these warm and wacky feelings? You simply refuse to admit you are an adult, at least for a day.

Go trick or treating.

You may be an adult but that just means that your parents aren’t around to tell you that you’re eating too much sugar.

Wear the costume you want.

Do you and your best friend want to go as Dalmatians and make cute puppy jokes all night? Do it! Your 5-year-old self would laugh and laugh and think it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Decorate your house or apartment.

There’s nothing wrong with a few fake cobwebs in the corner. (They would just hide the fact that you haven’t cleaned in weeks and have real ones.)

Have pumpkins around.

Make your living situation just a little more spooky.

You might seem corny or immature celebrating Halloween this way to some people but you can sleep better at night knowing that you’re having more fun than them. You’re probably also having more Reese’s cups than them and that helps too.

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