The Great Debate

I really enjoy roller coasters. Even when I was little and couldn’t go on the big ones because I wasn’t tall enough, I would go on the ones I could and then vow that one day I would ride the big ones. Now that I’m tall enough, one of the things I love to do is go to amusement parks and ride roller coasters. It’s such an adrenaline rush and I love comparing roller coasters in different parks.

I always found it weird that I had never been to Six Flags Great Adventure because I lived pretty close to it. I had been to parks farther away than Six Flags, but never got around to going to Six Flags itself. Then last Memorial Day, I finally got to go to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Going to Six Flags was a great adventure (pun intended) and not really in a positive way. It may have been the day I went. It was hot, crowded and the entire place was, overall, pretty chaotic. There were tons of people walking around, no ride came without a line of an hour or more and it was just a pretty draining day. Of course, I expected that it would be crowded and I am okay with that if I wait in line and the ride ends up being worth it. However, at Six Flags none of the rides really seemed to be worth it. Six Flags seemed to be about the flash: on this ride you stand up, on this ride you’re on your stomach, etc., but none of the rides really impressed me too much.

Then this weekend I went to Six Flags New England and since they were both Six Flags, I naturally decided to compare them. Six Flags New England was definitely a nicer park than Great Adventure. It was smaller and overall less chaotic. It could have been the time of year I decided to go too, but it was still less crowded and just nicer overall. I’m going to make the same complaint I made with Great Adventure concerning the rides. While I did not have to wait as long for the rides in New England, there were some rides where I had to wait kind of a long time and the ride just did not compensate for the wait.

I have come to the conclusion that maybe it’s just Six Flags in general. I feel like they hype up their roller coasters and try to put so many bells and whistles into them that they don’t really deal with the basics. I’m not going to enjoy all these corkscrews and loops in a ride if I can get over the screaming headache I have because my head keeps banging against the harness. I’m not going to enjoy a hill if the lap bar is so tight against my thigh that going over a hill physically hurts. While I still enjoyed going to both parks because I just love roller coasters, overall, I have come to the conclusion that there are other parks I like better than Six Flags. Six Flags is just too much hype for what it actually is.

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