Candid Happiness

Summer is an inherently happier time of year. Ample amounts of sunlight tend to bring out the more good-natured side of people, and in some cases a killer tan. These photos are nothing new. I drove down to Flagler Beach, Florida with my family for a week long vacation before my sophomore year of college began. These photos are split between my day trips to Flagler and Daytona Beach.

The beautiful thing about photography, I believe, is that you need not look into a person’s face to distinguish happiness. The term “happiness” cannot be limited to an elated smile frozen in time. It includes a person’s posture, body language, and the activity, or lack thereof, that person is engaging in. The best thing about happiness is that it goes hand in hand with love. Words alone cannot do either justice. When pen on paper fails to color the mind, the photograph gets the job done. Take at least thirty seconds to look at each photograph. Note the initial energy the photo exudes and then focus on the subject, their facial expression, posture, positioning in the photo, and what they’re doing. Each photo seems different from the last, but is it really?

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Happy Summer of 2014.

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