Boston Art Underground: Check It Out!

Boston Art Underground's MBTA diagram. Image via BAU/Facebook
Boston Art Underground’s MBTA diagram. Image via BAU/Facebook.

Boston Art Undergroundt: it’s a website us art fans wish we created. At first glance it sounds like a short cut to Boston’s newest unknown art scene — which it quite possibly could include — but it is much more than a singularly focused site.

The intention behind Boston Art Underground is to create a fast and simple way to find art in the Boston area. How the website executes this is by locating where all the museums, galleries and exhibits are in relation to the T on the MBTA map — thus creating an underground guide explicitly for art. (Now don’t you wish you came up with this idea?) The red line, blue line, green line, and orange line are located the website for your navigation. If you are interested in following a specific line, you can click on, for example the green line, and it will give you a list of galleries that can be located along the green line. It really is simple!

In BAU’s mission statement they explain, “Boston Art Underground seeks to expand the arts-patron population, and foster a stronger artistic community in our city.” They not only do this by actively having our back on the MBTA system, but they also keep a blog and a Facebook account to make sure we the viewers are connected. The blog is updated throughout the week, with critics, artwork spotlights, special events and more.

Boston Art Underground is relevant right now because of their active presence in the Boston fine arts community. Through their Internet handles (website, blog, Facebook) they facilitate a local dialogue on the subject. This is incredibly important to keep the fine arts a burgeoning trade, and the public aware of what Boston culture has to offer.

As students, if this is of interest, it is easy to get involved. BAU’s website offers volunteer opportunities, calls for art, advertisements, and corporate art placement. (FYI WLP’s) From personal research one of the volunteer opportunities involves writing for their blog. Get involved and keep forwarding the local dialogue in the Boston fine arts community!

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