MFA Screens Stanley Kubrick FIlms Through February

Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Image via Tumblr user annyskod
Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Image via Tumblr user annyskod

The Museum of Fine Arts is known as a beacon for culture and knowledge in the city of Boston. The galleries are strategically curated with paintings, jewelry, sculptures, books, post-cards, and posters. These objects are typically the topics of intrigue when the MFA is brought up in conversation. It is important to remember, however, that musuems such as the MFA do not solely focus on the up-keep of their exhibits. Although, the Art of the America’s wing is a must see when visiting the museum, the MFA is far more dynamic than just walls and floors filled with priceless art.

The MFA fills their calendar to the brim every month with events and programs for the public to enjoy at their leisure. This month, avid movie watchers and film students should clear their schedules and pay a visit to the MFA, but this time for a feature film. It sounds ridiculously unconventional when it is put so bluntly, but it is a real event! It is a completely different experience watching a movie in an art museum in comparison to the movies or even your couch. The MFA invites the public (members and nonmembers) to watch the films of Stanley Kubrick. They will be screened from February 1st to February 24th.

The museum is paying homage to the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick by showing a complete chronology of his films, including Fear and Desire to Eyes Wide Shut, the museum is prepared to make this a unique experience for its viewers by using an outdated aesthetic. Instead of showing the films of Kubrick digitally, which is generally expected in this age of technology, the MFA has decided to screen the footage on 35 mm film (except when specified on the website).

Of course, like any event there is a small price to pay. It is nine dollars for members and students and eleven dollars for general admission, but it is worth it for an experience that doesn’t generally arise. The MFA will be holding many more events that don’t necessarily involve walking in and out of galleries. By holding this event at the MFA the museum is proving to the public that it can attract many different tastes and interests. Now it is in the hands of the museumgoer to decide how to use the MFA to its fullest potential. Find what you like at the MFA and explore.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Avenue of the Arts
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
For general information about the MFA visit

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  1. bbhill says:

    Great article. Kubrick is a must see thanks for reminding us. Love the MFA.

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