How to Bring Your Unique Style to the Workplace

by Erin Kayata

Photo via Pinterest user cthorndike

It’s no secret that Emerson students have a very unique sense of style. Just taking a look around campus makes it clear that fashion sense here is quite different from anywhere else. However, what may be the height of fashion here on campus may not be as acceptable once you begin your first real job. So do you have to sacrifice your personal style to get your dream job? Not necessarily. When entering the business world, your sense of style should take on a more mature look, but still manage to remain young and unique.

So how do you figure out how to stay adult, yet distinct? In a city such as Boston, it’s easy to figure out what to wear to work. Just sit outside an office building, and you’ll see a parade of professionals going in and out that can inspire you on how to incorporate yourpersonality into your work look.

When sitting and observing the businessmen and women of Boston, I noticed many use bright colors and patterns to stand out among their peers. Women often sport bright colored dresses or patterned handbags to avoid looking too drab. A trench coat in a pop color is another way to add color to your wardrobe and to the grey, dreary days of winter. Stick with only one pop color or pattern at a time though, to keep the look serious, not silly. Men on the other hand, can show their true style through patterned ties or even bright colored bow ties!

Your style doesn’t have to end at your ankles. Though you should leave your club heels and comfy moccasins at home, there are still many fashionable footwear options for the office. Since a typical day in the city can consist of lots of walking, many Boston women wear bright ballet flats or oxfords to work as a practical solution to heels. Men too, aren’t just limited to dress shoes. Boat shoes and loafers are comfortable and stylish, yet are acceptable in the office.

It’s easy to see why not everyone wants to comply with office dress codes. “Wherever you get young creative minds, you’re not going to find people who want to wear what somebody else tells them to,” says Chris Faraone of local newspaper, The Boston Phoenix.  However, when you’re working a job, you’re representing a company and it’s important to dress professionally when doing so. Through a variety of colors, patterns, and prints though, it’s now possible to be professional, while being yourself.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Kayaya says:

    What a great article. Can you help me?

  2. Crankie says:

    Are Sperry’s acceptable office footwear?

  3. ellie kayata says:

    I am personally on a mission to employ a pop color in my wardrobe.It will certainly help me feel better about myself.

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