Essentials For Your Vacation

by Jenny Ortakales

You’re jetting off to paradise in a week and you’re ready to soak up some rays, wade in the ocean waves, and relax with friends and family. The biggest task at hand is what to pack. Whether you’ve made a checklist or even if you aren’t sure where to begin, everyone needs vacation essentials. Here’s a list of things to pack that will clear your mind once in your suitcase and make your getaway the best it can be.

Pillows are one of the most important aspects of getting good sleep, and sometimes there’s just nothing like your own. Hotel pillows can be too fluffy or smell too sterile. Even the guest room pillows at your friend’s house can be uninviting. If there isn’t enough room to pack your own pillow, consider bringing your own pillowcase so you at least have the comforting smell you’re used to.

Some people are blessed with easy-to-tan skin. For the rest of us, sitting in the sun for an hour or two can end up in painful burns. When sunscreen isn’t enough, this spray-on relief works fast to ease sunburns.

A new fragrance
Do you always have specific scents you associate with memories? Get a new perfume, cologne, or body spray for your trip. Wear it every day and when you get back home, it’ll always remind you of your getaway.

Pack by outfit
Coordinate your outfits ahead of time so you don’t pack too many clothes. Otherwise, you’ll pack a bunch of random “what if” pieces that you’ll end up never wearing.  Estimate how many outfit changes you’ll need, then add just a few accessories that will go with everything.

Strappy sandals
When heels are too impractical, sandals can be just as stylish. At the beach, shopping, out to dinner – there’s never a setting they aren’t suitable for.  More sophisticated than standard flip-flops, they can be anyone’s go-to vacation shoes.

Hand sanitizer
If you don’t already carry a mini bottle in your bag, it’s a great idea to buy a couple. You never know where you might go or what you may touch, and being prepared with on-the-go sanitation can be a huge relief in a pinch.

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