The Best and Worst of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards

By Bryanna Cappadona
The 54th annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS this past Sunday, not only stealing the highest ratings for the 8:00PM time slot, but delivered the largest audience in Grammy history since 1984.  But don’t act so surprised.  Let’s not forget that 2011 was the year of Adele as her sophomore album titled 21 earned her six Grammy’s, including the biggest award of the night, Album of the Year.  America had a lot to anticipate throughout the evening – Adele’s first ever performance since her serious throat surgery (which was performed at Boston’s own Mass General), as well as Jennifer Hudson’s tribute performance to music icon Whitney Houston who passed away just the night before.  But what’s an award show without some surprises and controversy?  Nick Minaj’s exorcism-themed performance of “Roman Holiday” offended a lot of viewers and the Grammy’s faced some major backlash after Chris Brown graced the stage not once, but twice that evening – apparently America is not ready to embrace him full-heartedly after his abuse debacle with Rihanna in 2009.
But let’s be honest, all we really care about is the glimmer, glitz and fabulousness of the red carpet.  I anticipated a lot of really great looks this evening, some celebrities in particular more than others.  I expected Katy Perry to make some sort of statement at her first red carpet event since her divorce, as well as Adele since this was her first major appearance since she cancelled her tour at the end of last year.  What weird and obscure entrance will Lady Gaga make this time?  Will Taylor Swift and Kanye run into each other?  Should I even expect Beyonce and Jay-Z to show up?  Will just the baby show up?  Will they christen Blue Ivy Carter into the Hollywood world on stage à la Rafiki and Simba in The Lion King?
As with every award show, some expectations were met, while others were let down.  I’ll take you through my personal bests.
Rihanna’s style has always been daring, and this year she’s still hot, but keeps it classy.
After losing a few pounds since her surgery and lightening her hair a bit, Adele came to this event looking like a new woman while staying true to her simple and classic style.  The dress seems plain, but with the camera’s flashing on the carpet, the dress sparkled and stood out amongst the others.  Hair and makeup is also flawless.
Carrie Underwood
I’m obsessed with everything about this look.  It’s absolutely stunning, and I’m a huge fan of fitted long sleeves.  Apparently glitter is the new trend this award season, and like Adele, Carrie pulled it off perfectly.
And what’s a red carpet event without pointing out the horrendous?  Here’s my personal worsts.
Fergie’s also known for taking risks with her fashion, but this year it’s a little strange.  At least the color looks good on her?
Yikes, those boots are scarier than her haircut!
Sasha Gradiva
Leave the obscure accessories for Lady Gaga – at least Gaga’s done it enough times for us to find it acceptable.
Red carpet images via

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