Movie Review: Like Crazy

by Kendyll Boucher

I wanted to love Like Crazy. I wanted to love it so badly. It seemed like my kind of movie—a heart wrenchingly romantic tale about two star-crossed lovers. It even stars one of my favorite actors, Anton Yelchin. I had seen the trailers on TV for a while, and I was anxiously awaiting its October 28 limited release release date. Once October 28 rolled around, I had to wait another two weeks until it was finally playing anywhere in the Boston vicinity. I was about to make the trek to Kendall Square Cinema when I discovered it was playing at the AMC Loews. I went to the first showing I could make. I was determined to see this film.

Anton Yelchin stars as Jacob, an American college student.  In the opening scene of the film, he meets Anna, a British woman studying at his school. In what seems like a matter of days, they fall madly in love. What the audience learns later is that a year has passed. Right from the beginning of the film, the passage of time is unclear. The rest of the film spans over the next few years of their lives, but it is unclear exactly how many years pass. It could be two, it could be five, and it could be ten. It is extremely vague.

Because of their undying love for each other, Anna overstays her visa. When she leaves for a wedding in England and returns to Los Angeles again, she is denied entry and deported back to the United Kingdom.  For the rest of the film, she tries to acquire another visa, while she and Jacob try to maintain a relationship from opposite ends of the planet.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn’t love Like Crazy. I still really enjoyed it, but I just didn’t love it. With a tagline of “I want you, I need you, I love you, I miss you like crazy,” I was expecting more passion. Despite my expectations, it was refreshing to find a love story that isn’t an over the top, unrealistic, Nicholas Sparks-esque story. It was authentic.

This film was a Sundance Film Festival favorite. It won Best Picture Grand Jury Prize and Best Actress Special Jury Prize. It was written and directed by Drake Doremus and release by Paramount Vantage.

I would say that I was satisfied with this film. I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it. The acting and writing were beautifully executed. I would recommend this film to anyone who has an appreciation for independent films. If you’re a fan of standard Hollywood romantic comedies or big budget action movies, Like Crazy isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a film that is realistic and thought provoking, Like Crazy is worth your eleven dollars. 

6 stars out of 10

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