How to Own The Org. Fair

by Sarah Dwyer
When Emerson College was just a potential school on a list I made with my guidance counselor (notably, number one on that list), I went on a tour of the school to help with my decision. At the end of the tour, the one parent that always asks all the questions piped up, “What do most students complain about at this school?” To which the tour guide replied, “Probably that there is just so much to do.”
After attending Emerson for two years, I completely agree with that statement. There are always so many interesting and educational events and activities going on that it is hard to keep track. That’s why I’m giving you advice on how to be successful at one the most important as well as the most overwhelming events you will attend during your time at Emerson: The Org Fair.

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Plan Ahead
Look through your Emerson Undergraduate Student Guide or check out the list of some of Emerson’s organizations online. Make a list of organizations that you are definitely interested in learning more about so that you make a point to visit them at the Org Fair.
Go When You Can
Don’t worry about what time you get there or if you have class through most of it. The gym will be crowded no matter what time you go and all the organizations will be there the whole time (and there will always be a continuous flow of free swag).
Make a Plan of Attack
When you enter the Campus Center you will receive a map showing where each of the clubs are located (step to the side) and look over the map so you can plan your way around. Even though you have your plan of attack to get to the clubs’ tables that you really want, take time to just walk around and see if you find anything that interests you.
Don’t Limit Yourself
The Org Fair is not the time to limit yourself, that will come later. Stop at the tables of ANY organizations that you are interested in. If you find you are not interested you can move on and if you are, sign up! Once you receive e-mails, attend info. sessions and first meetings you can narrow it down to fit your schedule and your interests.
Also, do not just limit yourself to organizations that are at the Org Fair. Many great organizations are not able to attend the Org Fair because they are brand new or are not recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA). Ask your Orientation Leader and friends about other organizations that you might be interested in and keep an open mind.
Be Prepared for the Aftermath
Your Inbox will be filled with e-mails from the organizations you signed up with by the end of the night, but make sure you read them carefully as they will have important information including audition and meeting times.
Organizations start as soon as possible, so be prepared to attend meetings and auditions as soon as the day after.
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As great as the Org Fair is, do not stress if you cannot make it. Organizations want you to be a part of them, so they will have fliers and info. sessions trying to recruit you. You can also do some research to find contact information for these organizations.
The Org Fair is on September 9, from 12-3 pm in the Piano Row Gymnasium.
If you have any more advice for attending the Org Fair comment below.

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