Carrying a Cold in College

By Alejandra Lee

Photo via Blogspot (Jim Mcdermott)

Ever catch yourself praying that the class gets loud enough for you to blow your nose? What about medicine intake? For college students, being far away from home might seem liberating, yet when it comes to being sick, all one can think of is being back home taken care by one’s mother.

When a plethora of students from all parts of the country, even world, come together at college, sickness is likely to strike. Once your roommate or your classmate gets the flu, you immediately think “I am next!” but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

In order to stay healthy, drink plenty of water, eat right, and get enough sleep. These are key factors in fighting a cold. However, when you are trying to juggle midterms, group projects, and club meetings this can get difficult. Soon one finds that not drinking enough water, eating junk food, and staying up late slips into their daily routine.

If you can’t help but getting sick, after going through a week of sickness myself, I came up with quick remedies that fit my schedule and budget.

First, I recommend staying warm! For a person that has never lived in such low temperatures as me, the Northeast weather might not be easy to get through without a good winter coat. So, go hunting for winter sales, and stock up on that warm attire.

Now, I am not encouraging you to avoid the doctor, but I do believe that you might be able to fix yourself up without having to buy expensive medicines. A trip to the closest convenience store like CVS or 7-Eleven will sure prove to have all that you need to get better.

The first thing that should cross your shopping cart has to be a water bottle, if you did not have one already. Then take a turn to the cold relief isle and grab a 36-sticks box of vitamin-C and a bottle of 100 capsules of Echinacea. The vitamin-C will give you some energy boost while at the same time renewing vital fluids and minerals. The Echinacea serves as a natural supplement to support your immune system. Once you are equipped with the three life-saving items, you are ready to fight that cold away.

After taking care of yourself for at least three days, you should start feeling healthier, or at least be able to breathe again. In my case, once I reached that “better” checkpoint in the sickness scale, I was able to have enough energy to go to the gym.

Exercise, another key factor in getting out of a cold. If you don’t feel energized enough to exercise, then rest an extra couple of days. However, if you do feel like hitting that elliptical machine or treadmill, I recommend doing some sweating without pushing yourself too hard. The exercise will help in clearing your nasal congestion, and when sweating you will be releasing the toxins that carry the virus, therefore making you feel better after a 30-minute session.

If none of these tips improve your health and you are still suffering your way through classes, then I guess it is time for you to pay a visit to your doctor.

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  1. Lucy Alanis says:

    This article was so helpful! I have been looking for fast remedies for colds and Vitamin-C seems like the way to go! College students will appriciate this! Awesome article:)!

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