Sowa Sundays are #SoEmerson

Admit it. You love buying anything fun and out of the ordinary. You can’t have too many ironic shirts. Vintage designer boots make you weak at the knees. There aren’t enough .gifs to describe the things you feel about funky jewelry on sale. Basically, anything that’s #soemerson catches your eye. That doesn’t make you a hipster. It just means you like awesome stuff.

Now where the heck in Boston are you going to get this awesome stuff? We’ve all heard Newbury Street is the famous shopping haven. But unless you can afford Chanel and other shops on the expensive end, you have to keep walking…and walking…and walking on the same boring street.  Urban Outfitters in particular, a “hipster” favorite, is the very last building on Newbury. If you’re up for trekking one mile straight there and back for a $34 scarf, then go for it. But don’t you want to explore beyond one street and see what else Boston has to offer?

Behold, the SoWa Open Market and Vintage Market. Located in the SoWa (South of Washington) district of Boston, also known as the South End, it is the largest gathering of local designers and vintage collectors that the Bay area has to offer. Take the Orange line to 460 Harrison Ave. between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Sunday, and you can find an amazing variety of friendly vendors, curious visitors, and live entertainment.

While the Open Market is home to modern creations, the Vintage Market in the prominent brick warehouse next door is an antique treasure trove. Sure, you don’t really need 60s furniture or records, but you know they look awesome in your dorm so it’s worth checking out. Luckily, most finds are college-budget friendly. The Vintage Market will run 10-4 p.m. every Sunday until December 18.

At the Open Market, you can be sure to have a fun afternoon of browsing displays of modern art, handcrafted jewelry, and eccentric home décor, most of them decently priced. Best of all, you get to chat with the friendly designers themselves.

There is plenty to eat as well, with 21 food trucks in rotation to attend, including favorites like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (featured on The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race”), Boston Speed Dog, and the Cupcakory. There’s also healthier options at the Farmer’s Market section. You can stop by and bring some fresh produce back to the dorm. Here you can support your new neighborhood by buying locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The Open Market, however, will end this upcoming Sunday. If you manage to pull yourself out of bed by noon, you still have plenty of time to catch the final market. And the SoWa Market certainly know how to end a season with a bang. Of course what’s a hip market on October 30, without an awesome Halloween themed event? Over 130 vendors, 13 food trucks, and a live band will be part of the 8th Annual Market of the Living Dead. Free music, free food, free games, and an annual zombie costume contest make this tradition a real treat (pun intended).

The zombie costume contest is open to all, so if your idea is bloody and creative enough, you could go home with $250, so go all out! Quite literally, no guts…no glory. Considering that the slogan on reads “Where creativity rolls up its sleeves,” students of all grades should have no trouble brainstorming prize worthy get-ups. Judging takes place at 2 p.m. sharp, and after a quick show, $250 and bragging rights are awarded to the best costume. Two runners up receive $150 and $100 as well. Even those who don’t place will get to strut in their zombie best to a gathered crowd as all the entrants’ names and costumes are announced.

So rather than sit on your keister this Sunday, you are now given the opportunity to hunt for vintage gold, browse local creations, and zombie it up just for fun. So Emerson, treat yourself and see what SoWa has to offer!

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