Don’t eat that! A guide to eating on campus

by Devon Kotch

What is it that makes our stomachs ache with hunger an hour after we’ve eaten? Do we just not eat enough at mealtimes? Do we just not eat healthily enough?

Judging from the nutrition information on Emerson’s CampusDish website, it’s probably the latter.

The meatball subs my friends rave about contain over 1500mg of sodium, that “stuff” in ramen noodles that make your stomach feel funny about 20 minutes after you eat it. And, strangely enough, that is almost as sodium much as a typical bowl of Maruchan’s ramen noodles.

photo by atlas magazine

The chicken quesadillas from the Max have about 40 grams of fat (depending on what kind you get), half of which is saturated fat — what gives you high cholesterol. And after discovering that high cholesterol runs in my family — and that I have it — that’s something to worry about.

For the many of us who feel they can’t fit a nice fitness routine into our busy schedules, try to think healthy when you eat. Though the options are limited, eat more of the fresh fruit and vegetables when you can. In the dining hall, the most healthy station in terms of fat content, calories and sodium is, by far, Le Grain and Legume. Instead of eating from the grill or home cooking every single night, trade out a few nights to eat from Le Grain and Legume. If you prefer to eat in the Max, instead of indulging on the quesadillas, try the grilled chicken sandwich from the Max. It’s got a little under six grams total fat and only one gram of saturated fat, as well as a quarter the amount of sodium and it’s still loaded with protein.

For those curious of what exactly you should be eating at meals, there is also a nutrition tips page on CampusDish.

This is the time of year when everyone’s immune system is falling victim to colds and flus. Stay healthy by eating healthy!

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