A College Student’s Golden Ticket

by Alexa Zahares

In your wallet sits a college ID. That little piece of plastic with the small shiny picture of your nervously smiling freshman self gets you into campus buildings and lets you check out library books. It lets you eat massive amounts of food in the dining hall. It functions as your key card for your dorm room. But what you might not know is that it can also get you into some big Boston scenes. This plastic perk entitles you to an array of freebies and discounts. It can get you entry into some exclusive areas and save you some money on things you really shouldn’t miss as a Bostonian. Here’s a list of some spots that will be hosting free events and discounted items this fall and winter to those who have the golden ticket of a college ID.

Fenway Park, September 10th, 11am-5pm

When you ask a person who’s never been to Boston what the city makes them think of, a common answer would be Fenway Park. The green stadium is a beloved landmark of our city. It’s an impressive structure, protecting us during the day and glowing like our biggest firefly at night. Fenway Park is home of the Red Sox, the baseball team we are proud to claim as our own. On Saturday, September 10th, the stadium is letting college students in for a peek. Entry is completely free and allows you to visit the famed stadium and leave with a bunch of freebies. You will be able to purchase discounted Red Sox tickets and merchandise, enter for a chance to

win travel giveaways and tickets, and meet Wally the Green Monster. Some of the brands that will be present include 5 Hour Energy, Dunkin’ Donuts, Live Nation, StudentUniverse, and Sunday River and Loon Mountain. Fenway Park is just a short walk from the Kenmore station on the green line, close to the giant CITGO sign. The college event provides those who are not big members of Red Sox Nation a way to get acquainted with one of Boston’s must-sees and those who are to get discounts on Red Sox memorabilia. It’s a win-win for all.

Photo by Doran Lower

Museum of Science, September 19th, 5pm

Whether you’re interested in the full-size model of Tyrannosaurus rex or more intrigued by the delicate wings of a Monarch butterfly, the Museum of Science will have something to make you nostalgic for grade school science classes. They will be hosting their annual college night on September 19th, leaving you no reason to not take your very own field trip. Bring your college ID and admission is completely free. Besides having a chance to see all the great exhibits the museum has to offer, entry also provides guests with the ability to see Omni and 3-D Digital Cinema films, Theater of Electricity shows, and live presentations. And when your mind needs a break from the lightning and bugs, the Museum of Science will be offering Boston Duck Tours and mini Segway tours to college students for free. There will also a raffle for prizes from businesses in the Boston area, for a chance to leave the museum a little bit richer. The museum is located just a short walk away from the Science Park MBTA stop off the green line. Don’t miss your chance to reminisce, science style.

Boston Aquarium, October 5th, 5:30pm-9:30pm

The Boston Aquarium is a great place for those who look at their fish tanks and dream a little bit bigger. Although keeping a shark in a dorm room is not a realistic plan, standing less than a foot away from a bonnethead shark can be quite easily accomplished. College students will have the opportunity to see giant sea turtles, penguins, seals, octopi, and many other aquatic creatures for no cost on October 5th. Like any good college event, there will be freebies from Boston vendors. And if you’re not available this night, the Aquarium provides discounted tickets to college students all year round. Students can buy regular admission tickets for $20.95, IMAX tickets for $7.95, combo admission and IMAX tickets for $26.95, and whale watch tickets for $35.95. The aquarium is easily accessible from the Aquarium station on the blue line. There’s no better way to de-stress than “aww”ing at penguins waddling on rocks.

Fire + Ice, every Monday night

One of the biggest money drains for college students is food. Dining halls become exceedingly less appetizing after a couple months of the same food, all the time. But if you’re going to go to a restaurant for something different, why not get a discount? Fire + Ice understands the phrase “college budget” and offers discounts to college students every Monday night. They have locations in Boston’s Back Bay and Cambridge’s Harvard Square. On Monday nights, students that present a college ID can receive unlimited dinner for only $9.95, saving about $7 from an unlimited dinner on any other day of week. Fire + Ice has a quirky, fun environment with a unique concept. Guests are able to create their perfect meal, choosing from a variety of meats, vegetables, seafood, pastas, and sauces. Just bring your chosen food items up to the grill and it is grilled right in front of you. And because this meal is unlimited, you can make as many trips as you want. So next Monday night when you don’t want to sit in front of another limp piece of lukewarm pizza, remember Fire + Ice.

Frog Pond, Tuesday nights in winter, 7pm-9pm

In the summer, the Frog Pond is filled with squealing children splashing around in the manmade pond that is more like a giant kiddie pool than anything else. But in the wintertime, the water is frozen over and turned into a cute little ice rink. Located right in the center of the Boston Commons, just a few minutes walk from Emerson dorms, the Frog Pond is surrounded by trees and lit up at night. With the tiny light squares peeping out from over the trees, skaters can enjoy the small bit of nature without forgetting the beauty that is Boston at night. On Tuesdays nights, students receive half price admissions with their college ID. The normal admission price is $4, so students with skates are able to get in for only $2, the price of a small coffee. Plus it’s a great way to meet other college students and enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in Boston.

There are a lot of privileges and advantages that come with being a college student. In the wonderful, bright city of Boston, a college ID provides you with a way to experience what it has to offer without crying over your wallet every night. Someday, you’ll be forced to pay normal prices and attend normal events. But for now, you’re a college student with a magical ticket. And you don’t even have to eat chocolate bar after chocolate bar to find it.

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