Seasonless Style: Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

by Lauren Biscaldi

As summer winds down and blustery fall mornings return, college students everywhere will begin to anxiously survey their closets, fretting about making a seasonally appropriate style impression without breaking their budgets. Books are expensive, and so is thermal underwear. Knowledge, however, is incredibly sexy. Lumpy, grey long sleeves are not. Luckily, three hundred and sixty five degree style is here, reusing the most basic wardrobe staples season in and season out. It’s a trend that’s poised to take college campuses by storm, one closet at a time.

Instead of rushing out and buying an entirely new (and expensive) wardrobe, capitalize on the denim and khaki shorts of summertime by purchasing an inexpensive pair of tights, like this pair from H&M ($5.95). Buy a pair in navy blue or black, or even a geometric print for a unique and stylish way  to protect your limbs from autumn winds.

For a mature, sophisticated look appropriate in the workplace, try these Old Navy belted khaki shorts ($9.97). Pair this light and cool shoImage and video hosting by TinyPicrts-and-tights combo with a chic ballet flat in an eye-catching color, and volia – an insta-autumn wardrobe is created while hardly spending a time. A matching blazer completes the look, and you’ll be sure to impress your bosses not only with this fashionable office attire but also with your obviously savvy eye for recyclable pieces.

If shorts just aren’t your thing, remember that a simple summer sundress, like this one from American Eagle ($34.99) never goes out of style. Listen to your mother when she tells you to put on a scarf, though – but instead of breaking the bank on new autumn threads, salvage your style by reusing your sundress and pairing it with a lightweight chiffon scarf from American Eagle ($24.50) and a chunky boyfriend cardigan. Be sure not to overdo the prints; if your dress is splashed with floral, choose a scarf in a complimenting solid color.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The tank top is a timelessly classic, basic piece that can be paired with almost anything. But what remains summer’s quintessential cover-up can easily become a workplace staple. This Kirra tank from PacSun ($14.50) strikes a perfect balance between the seasons. Available in a variety of colors, the lace racerback dealing adds a sophisticated touch that, when paired with a black blazer-and-pencil-skirt combo, stands up and impresses at an internship or office job. If you’re heading to class and don’t feel quite like dressing up, the same tank could be paired with dark wash skinny jeans.

Cute wedge sandals finish almost any outfit off, while simultImage and video hosting by TinyPicaneously dressing up any standard jeans uniform. Paired with skinny jeans or wide legged trousers, wedges work for both the tallest and the smallest, elongating legs and adding instant lift. For added fun, choose sandals with a print or pattern like polka dots or a floral print that will serve as a reminder of summer will into the fall. This strappy pair style from Payless ($12.00) compliments a variety of looks and can be worn well into October, allowing your feet to breathe for a few months longer.

No matter what type of three hundred and sixty five degree style you choose to practice, always remember that bright summer colors give your fall wardrobe an instant face-lift. Combine pops of color with darker, subdued hues, pair tanks with long pants and layer, layer, layer. Your wardrobe will thank you, and your wallet will thank you, and your professors will be thrilled that you purchased all of the textbooks for their class.

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